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  1. markreed757

    I found my focus factor

    I have made other journals and of course they failed. The most important thing I have learned from them is how I was not focused. I was kind of all over the place and never had real direction. Well I now have that direction. I am going to go back to my old friend the niche website only I...
  2. markreed757

    $100 a day seems to be the benchmark

    A little about myself I have been a member here since may of 2010. During that time I have been reading and making failed attempt after failed attempt. In the process I lost my job and went into a deep depression. My wife divorced me to be with another man and I was only able to see my...
  3. markreed757

    How do you spell check?

    I know some of you are excellent spellers and do not make mistakes. While I am writing this for the ones that are not as inept at spelling. I used to use firefox and it would give me most of the correct spelling as I was typing. Since I have been using chrome (which I really love this...
  4. markreed757

    Is it child abuse to have a fat kid

    That was a news story for my local TV station. It got me thinking if it is child abuse then would it be considered committing suicide to keep shoveling food in your mouth and having little activity in your life. Kind of where you get to the point you no longer care what you do to your own...
  5. markreed757

    My first $60.00 day

    I have no screen shots to show and heck even if I did those are easy to fake anyway. The fact is I have been learning about IM for a long long time. I say on and off since 2004. Then I really got into it for the last couple of years looking into anything and everything. I jumped from one...
  6. markreed757

    3rd time should be a charm!!!

    I have attempted 2 other times to make a journal. The time is NOW!!! Time to hold myself accountable This is my 3rd time hence the title of my thread. What makes this different? I have a new mindset and a more focused action plan. Why should I make another journal? It will...
  7. markreed757

    A whole new start

    I have been reading plenty of different ways to make money online. I even started a journal before and gave up. I am ready to start over. My goal is to build niche blogs that make affiliate, adsense, and my own e-book money that gets sent to my pay pal account. I expect to have at least...
  8. markreed757

    a BIG button

    I like the new like button I am seeing around the forum. I just had to click it. Although the fan page does not have a lot yet. I am sure it will start to grow soon.
  9. markreed757

    Hitting the thanks button

    I started thinking to myself about pushing the thanks button. I mean I know it is a great way to show your appreciation. However, I found an even greater purpose. Yes, I have pushed the thanks button for every download I downloaded unless simply forgot which has happened because, I went...
  10. markreed757

    Time to hold myself accountable

    Ok I have a different journal started in this forum but, I was uncertain of a direction and really had no clue what to do. I have spent the last few months working, soul searching and diving into different methods. I even lost my job due to having too many points. My job has a system...
  11. markreed757

    What is the best way to do keyword research?

    Ok this is kind of a double question since keyword research goes hand in hand with market research. I want to know the best tactics on how to do keyword/market research. Where do you begin? what are all of the steps involved? What are the best tools for the job? What sites...
  12. markreed757

    Like a kid in a candy store

    I am just so floored by how this site is. I know I need to clam down and just take action but, right now I am having a blast in here.
  13. markreed757

    What has made you want to be an IM?

    What caused you to want to try Internet Marketing? I know for me there is a better way of life. I know IM will bring it to me and this seems to be the forum to make my change in.
  14. markreed757

    Big time Cavs fan

    Too bad Lebron will be gone. Unless some how he is staying but, its Cleveland i doubt it.
  15. markreed757

    The time is NOW!!!

    I am going to be starting out by doing what most of us do. Chatting about myself. I am a father of three kids to a wonderful wife. She is very supportive of me and allows me to try all of my crazy ideas. however she has not sense of business what so ever. I asked her just the other day...
  16. markreed757

    I found this forum

    I was just searching a product and seen this forum. Then I was pleasantly surprised when I could load it up. My name is Mark Reed and I am attempting to enter the world of internet marketing. Who am I kidding I have been attempting the last 6 years with no luck but this last year I have...