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    Free Business Card Designs

    Hey All. Long time since I last posted so I might as well as offer some more free services. Okay Business cards Send me your logo. Send me the contact details you want on it. Send me color coordination. I think you might want to get on skype - huwboy2 to send me your logo. Thanks Peeps
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    Guys its all about conversions. - a must read

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    I am not sorry that i broke mmd rules!!

    Honestly I didn't break any rules. Okay for those who have information overload. Here is proof that someone is taking action after taking my advice. I started this thread way back and its closed...
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    I apologies to the mods and to all mmd users....don't get ripped off again!

    Hey Peeps I am sorry that I haven't posted my details in my personal journal as I HAVE BEEN BUSY MAKING MONEY!! by implementing stuff i learnt here MOSTLY and TWISTS I have self taught myself which are not blackhat but whitehat. You truly want to start earning money then learn the ropes first...
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    I want to design you a logo for free!

    Hey Peeps I am honing my skills on illustrator and need to make some logos as practice. Let me know what you are looking for in your logo and I will design one for you. Just send me this questionaire completed or no logo. 1. What type of logo do you require? 2. What is the exact wording of...
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    Wrap code around Image

    Hey Peeps I have screenshotted a media fire page and sliced the images. But I need to wrap a content locking source code around the download image. Could you please help me with this. I am using dreamweaver. Many thanks
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    closed as not on offer anymore
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    I want to Help you make $1000 a week.

    Hey All I want to promote my service to help you make money but the only way I can track everything is via email this is the way my system works and its free. I did put a thread up but was promptly deleted by a mod because they dont want me collecting emails. I purely couldnt give a cahoots...
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    Buyers on Fiverr are so F***ing Greedy

    I do alot of ebook covers on fiverr and really put my heart into it. Last month I earned $700 but found that having a full time job and doing a fiverr is simply not worth it. I didn't have time for myself or family and this is due to greedy twats on fiverr who want you to put in 6 hours of...
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    Cashing in on everything I learnt on MMD

    GOAL - $5 a day by 31st April 2012 Constant Using Adsense, CB and CPA. I haven't a clue where to start at the moment. So I am going to find out what everything means first and the first Term is SERPs. Done the required checks and it stand for Search Engine Ranking Pages (of some sort) You...
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    FREE PSD to start your Fiverr Business.

    Hey all Here is a template you can use in photoshop to start your new Banner Service in Fiverr. Don't tell me it useless. I have made over $50 in two weeks with just one gig promoting this. There is no excuse for you now. Get this posted and research your keywords. Don't buy shitty crap...
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    Someone please ban HTML

    DOn't know if you noticed the user HTML has posted numerous garbage but wihtin a space of 1 minute each. Its got to be a bot. I remember a few weeks ago when the forum was attacked. Bloody annoying.. Thanks
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    Internet Marketing for 6 months - $200 a Month - Newbies Read This

    Hey all, I thought I might tell you my story to give you some inspiration. Its not going to be long but here it goes. I heard of make money online and thats the only thing I googled. So I thought. Hey lets make a product and sell the thing fucking cheap and make some dosh. But then it clicked...
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    How to Create A Website

    Hey all I want to create a website and have an idea on the niche. However I don't want it to be a shitty wordpress theme. Does anybody know where I can get some great tuts on where to start. I have photoshop and dreamweaver CS5. Any ideas would be great. Thanks Huester
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    Is there a good Samritan out there.

    Hey, all. I am enjoying this forum alot and still working on smelzers outsourcing guide. However I need $9 more to make the cost of next month and it is drawing close. What are the chances of my posting a dating link on here just for you to add your email. You can make a email and confirm...
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    Rate My Banner Designs

    First off I am not selling my services so please don't ask and don't pm me either. I am just showing my designs off atm. Secondly I will keep this updated as much as possible so please rate it. If you would like info on how I create them then I will help you. Here is the first one.
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    Backlink Tutorial

    This is a very easy method but first you need to have the right tools. Soyou need to run Mozilla Firefox as your Browser. To download firefox just go to Mozilla Firefox Web Browser and download and install the software. After Firefox is installed you need to install seoquake. (SEOQuake - seo...
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    Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hi all, for those of you who are good with photshop and mult-screened find it easier to use shortcuts however this is not the case with newbies so here is a list of shortcuts to help you get started. + – Add Shape - – Subtract Shape / – Preserve Transparency (toggle) [ - Decrease Brush...
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    So you only got 20gigs with one paypal account. I have hundreds.

    Hey all now you might have read this somewhere else but here it goes. Please thank me if you think this is valuable information. Okay so you have your main fiverr account with your main paypal address. Yes yes yes create more emails and more accounts but you can edit the settings in your new...
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    Back Links

    Hey I do forum and blog back linking Forum is easy I know But when it comes to blogs High PR ones for which I have around 2000 PR3-PR8 I get a message awaiting in moderation. Does this mean it wont point back to my site until it has been accpeted or am I just wasting my time. Any help would...