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  1. LiquidCash

    So what happen to this forum? It have changed quite some bit

    Humm What happen tot his forum? i remember when it used to be black and gold with advertisements everywhere. I log in today and notice it have changed quite some bit. Did this forum get sold, is DOC still around? Whats going on, it looks totally different
  2. LiquidCash

    How and the heck do a website like this make it on 1st page of google????

    How does this website make it on 1st page of google for keyword "anabolic steroids"?? It does not have much content and the website looks shitty? Is this what most people money sites consist of?
  3. LiquidCash

    Advice thoughts? Multipl e(40) blogs on 1 domain broken down into catogories??

    So Im going to put my blogs on one domain and break it down into catogories example.... xxx.c0m/health/loseweight I was going to put 40 blogs one one domain but now Im thinking just do 5 per domain. any thoughts? the blogs will be in subfolders
  4. LiquidCash

    We should do away with the WSO Sales thread because

    Why did we allow WSO"s are especially for a $10 fee. We all know 99% WSO's are crap recycled from this forum anyway. I think we should do away with the WSO sells threads here. Name one WSO that actually was worth it and not crap?
  5. LiquidCash

    Never worry about Keyloggers AGAIN! Wth this software.

    One word QFXSOFTWARE KeyScrambler encrypts your keystrokes deep in the kernel, giving keyloggers only meaningless keys to record. Mans: They wont get shit! Every marketer should have this! QFX Software - Anti-Keylogging Software and More
  6. LiquidCash

    Can Scrapebox be share between 2 people

    Can I share scrapebox between me and another friend different location?Also can i install scrapebox on VPS?
  7. LiquidCash

    So how do I get Very Active Member Status

    I been here for awhile and I'm active here as well, so i;m just wondering when can my status changed to Very Active Member?
  8. LiquidCash

    delete read rules

  9. LiquidCash


    I figured it out
  10. LiquidCash

    Should I upgrade VIP????Will I make money?

    So im thinking about paying to go VIP.. Will I make money if I decide to upgrade. Is there any good tools or methods in there? I been in Internet Marketing for a few years so I have all the basics down...
  11. LiquidCash

    Point me to Nevarck Cpa greed forum approval thread plz....

    can any of you point me to the thread where there is discussion about getting approved into Nevarcs CPA greed forum. I cant find it for shit.....
  12. LiquidCash

    Network manager wants to speak with me after I applied..? What Should I say?

    S0 I applied for a few Cpa companies. 1 particlar netowrk mnager emailed me back and stated he wants to talked to me about some offers and to get approved.. What should I say. i'm a newbie to this and I will probably be doing PPc and SEOp and some article post for CPA. When he calls...