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  1. Regan

    where to E-commerce?

    You might start by going through this guide which gives you a general comparison and if i may ask what are you planning to sell? Have you thought about creating a pitch deck and looking for investors to fund the site for you? My advice as someone who has been there for a long time is to spend...
  2. Regan

    Laptop or Desktop Computer?

    Well, i moved away from using a desktop mid-college and just never went back. A laptop can last quite a while if you care for it, and battery issue can be dealt with if you get a laptop with replaceable battery. For me that is not even an issue - I only use my laptop somewhere I can plug in...
  3. Regan

    Introduce Yourself Here

    Welcome to the new friends :-)
  4. Regan

    What TV series do you watch right now?

    I am currently watching Riverdale.
  5. Regan

    What reciprocal link?

    This means a a returned link between two websites. A reciprocal link is mostly done to provide readers with quick access to related sites or to show a partnership between two sites.
  6. Regan

    What is best beneficial social media website ?

    I agree. You always have to know your audience 1st. This is very important.
  7. Regan

    How can I post to the forum?

    I think you just type like you just did. :D:D You my friend are very funny. Thank you for making me laugh today :D
  8. Regan

    What is best beneficial social media website ?

    Good question but quite tough to answer but i think i would say generally Facebook can be thought of as your home on the Internet. It's a place people can go to leave you a message, browse through your photo collections, or even chat with you while you are online. However, this obviously depends...
  9. Regan

    you prefer to use facebook, twitter?

    I still think that both have significant importance when looked separately. But talking in general Facebook has moreover became a messaging platform, whereas Twitter still holds the Celeb Platform tag. Plus twitter has a 140 character limit of posting ideas. This can be as being both a pro or a...
  10. Regan

    About Twitter

    Yes twitter is great plus the fact that this happens so organically meaning that just by people tweeting what they want makes it an excellent platform.
  11. Regan

    How to increase facebook page likes

    Creating a Facebook page is an easy task, but getting some quality followers is not easy! I can help you with a few tips-Make the page complete  by  filling in all relevant fields, profile picture, cover photo etc, invite all your friends to like the page, Post Fresh Content as much as possible...
  12. Regan

    Introduce Yourself Here

    Yes i agree. I am also new as well but i quite like this forum as well. There is lots of useful stuff to learn!
  13. Regan

    Introduce Yourself Here

    I use Norton as well. The one and only that i fully trust. The 2018 version Norton Security is very good. I installed it last night and it cleaned a virus that another software had been unable to do.
  14. Regan

    Introduce Yourself Here

    Hallo everyone! Regan here. Thought i'd stop by and say hallo. I reckon that's the right way to do it? Glad to be here and looking forward to great chit chats.
  15. Regan

    That's about it. Have a good day.

    That's about it. Have a good day.