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  1. Mesh

    Computer will not boot windows install discs.

    Ok. So. I have a computer here that no matter what windows disc I use, it will not boot from it. ( win 7, win vista, win xp) But, if I put in a linux disc, or ultimate boot disc, it boots just fine. At one point the hard drive had ubuntu linux on it. That does not load anymore, and I don't want...
  2. Mesh

    VIP access back down to $20 a month!

    Was just shown a page again where I had to reread the rules and the T&C of the site again and I see that it say's VIP access is only $20 a month. Down from $50 a month. That's cool, I didn't even know you guys lowered the price. :) I'll sign up again now.
  3. Mesh

    Pissed off Rant

    For the love of god people if your going to try and scam people, at the very least act like you know the language. Just for once pretend you know how to use it, I don't care if your from bangladesh or not. Learn English. Hell. Learn to use a spell checker. I'll even settle for no punctuation at...
  4. Mesh

    Need a script downloaded from a website

    Create a Clickable Map That is the web address of the site with the script. Is there a way to download the script and all the related files so i can use it on my local machine. I see when you generate the code to use on your website. Your site hits that site to get needed files. I don't want to...
  5. Mesh

    Common Misconceptions About Backlinks

    I'm making this post to make other users aware of one of the biggest common misconceptions and marketing ploys out there. Were seeing all the time now posts out there to buy back links or make back links on high pr websites or high pr pages. This is awesome, if we want to rank high in the serps...
  6. Mesh

    Wordpress .htaccess

    Ok so over the last few months I've developed a sort of error message ocd...and I hate it. But it still needs fixed. In wordpress I wanted custom permalinks /%postname%/... Did an error message. If I change the permissions on the .htaccess to 666, Wordpress writes the file and the...
  7. Mesh

    A lot of great deals will be showing up soon!

    Effective Wednesday this past week amazon cut ties with all of its affiliates in California, some estimated 50,000 people. This, all thanks to a new law which passed Wednesday morning which required all affiliates in the state to collect sales tax no matter where whoever they made the sale to...
  8. Mesh

    Keyword Research

    How can I tell if there are any advertisers for my keyword or keywords? It's kind of pointless to build a site around keywords if there are no paying advertisers. Thanks for your help in advance.
  9. Mesh

    Keyword Research

    How am I able to check to see the number of advertisers that are bidding or that have active ads in google adsense for a given keyword? It would be kind of pointless to build an entire site around a niche that has no paying advertisers? Thanks in advance. Shaun
  10. Mesh

    Lot's of Wordpress Problems

    This has really been bothering the hell out of me and as far as I know I have tried about everything to fix it. The problems are two fold. 1.) Custom Permalinks: I try to set my custom structure to /%postname%/ and get an error message that my .htaccess is not writable. No matter what I do...
  11. Mesh

    Question About how to leave my backlinks

    When I'm commenting on a wordpress blog and im trying to get a back link to my site. Should I put my name in the name field or the keyword im targeting. It always seems to me using my name would look real and my keyword would look spammy. Is this the case? Or am I just going about it all wrong...
  12. Mesh

    Question about a web based application

    I don't know how to explain this so I will give it my best shot. How difficult or easy would it be to have a login screen for a user to log in and to see all available writing assignments on another site and do them and submit them. The idea is someone would log onto (my site) which...
  13. Mesh

    Seeing if there is any interest

    Hey everyone. I'm just putting some feelers out there to see if there is any interest of anyone here on MMD to buy facebook accounts with 5k friends. No I do not have any yet, but since facebook is so popular, I was just wondering what kind of a market there would be for this. What kind of price...
  14. Mesh

    Link Directories

    Any one ever have any success with them profitability wise?
  15. Mesh

    Finally Took The First Step And Failed Epicly

    Not even sure if Epicly is even a word but it sounded good at the time. So I have been reading a lot online and here at MMD about I.M. and thought I would give it a whirl. Didn't end up so well. Not quite sure if I did something wrong or what. Here is my campaign. Fat Burning Furnace New Weight...
  16. Mesh

    Been reading this site for a while...

    As the title says, I've been reading this site for a while now and always enjoyed some of the ongoing discussions and topics. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute something to one of the other threads soon. ~ Shaun