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  1. shourovfoisal

    has anyone succeded and is there a legit biz or way out ther??can someone mentor?

    Check out this section of this forum. There are tons of ways to get started => Probably the best step for newbies is to try with content locking. You will get some good methods on this in there: Simple Money Making Methods (Make Money Online) Best of luck.
  2. shourovfoisal

    Step by Step Tutorial to Making Money With PPD + YouTube = 100% Working!

    Hi KingShinigami, It will be great to join cleanfiles under your referral. I would like to learn more from you. What's your reff link and skype username? Please pm me... Thanks buddy.
  3. shourovfoisal

    Computer will not boot windows install discs.

    Is Your Preferred Booting Option CD/DVD drive? If not, Change your boot options to CD/DVD drive & you'll be fine. Change Boot Order and Boot from a CD/DVD An alternative way to install win 7 is to use bootable flash disks. You'll need a minimum 8gb pendrive, Use Win2Flash to make it bootable...
  4. shourovfoisal

    Make $2000-3000 every month

    Hey buddy. Seems you've got a good way to earn. I would like to take action on that method. Please send me that. Greetz..
  5. shourovfoisal

    Starting Money - Runescape Botting |In-Depth|No Investment|

    I am interested in this system. But my internet connection is too slow (Average - 20 KBPS). Should I try this method? Will it be profitable for me if I start implementing this method? Thanks.
  6. shourovfoisal

    CPA + Youtube => Road to $, implementing ImAdmirer's Method!

    Actually we were expecting to hear something like that from you! Keep posting, it encourages you and all of us...
  7. shourovfoisal

    Simple 2k per Month From CPA with no Traffic Investment. **HOT METHOD**

    Hi, Yesterday, I emailed a cooking related website owner and got his reply within a hour. He sent me a positive reply and is interested in my offer. I'm currently a member with "offervault" CPA network and I've found there a offer about "Pasta Boat". The problem is, I have no good website to...
  8. shourovfoisal

    CPA + Youtube => Road to $, implementing ImAdmirer's Method!

    Hi, ridakzemlo, I have some questions. 1. If you sign up to the CPA network using a niche website that you own, can you promote other niche offers? 2. If you can, then where you will place the offer, on your site or on a different site? 3. Can you apply to different niche offers using your...
  9. shourovfoisal

    Simple 2k per Month From CPA with no Traffic Investment. **HOT METHOD**

    Question - Finding suitable sites. Would high authority sites reply if I email them? If not, then how do I find low or medium authority sites?
  10. shourovfoisal

    [method] Forum backlinks made easy

    This is not clear. Aren't those two emails different? Please explain if I'm wrong... Thanks...
  11. shourovfoisal

    Forum backlinking tip

    Is this method for locking the thread with only one reply post and only one sig backlink made by you? So that the link juice goes to your site only? Please reply if I am correct or not... Thanks for the tip.. Is this tip for forums that do not allow sig links? If so, I want to know that...
  12. shourovfoisal

    Need help: Forum posting - Registration Denied

    Thanks for the reply. I am now trying to do as you said..
  13. shourovfoisal

    Need help: Forum posting - Registration Denied

    Hi all, I am a SEO worker and currently doing a Forum posting job. Everything was going fine till this happened. All the forums where I intend to register says: "Registration denied. This forum uses several anti-**** measures and it appears that your registration details are included in a ****...
  14. shourovfoisal

    How did you make your first $10?

    I got it from oDesk, as a freelancer...