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    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect()

    I get the error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() in /home/reward/public_html/include/db/Db_connection.php on line 42 Basically, I edited a file called 'config.php' with the database information but for some reason it generates that error line. Could anyone...
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    Question about: Facebook Blaster Pro 9.02

    When you log in and after it adds the 30 friends, like you tell it to in the settings....will it automatically log into the next account?
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    DO NOT BUY Lively Browser's Facebook Friend Adder Pro!!!! BIG SCAM

    I recently purchased it and not only the program didn't work but they wouldn't even refund me. They offer a so called 30 day money back guarantee but really it's one big lie! The program didn't work so of course I requested a refund and five days later they say they've refunded me but they...
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    Best proxies for FB accounts? Please give me some advice?

    I've recently purchased Facebook Friend Adder Pro, 1K hotmail accounts, and a load of captchas. All I need now is proxies. I'm going to use 1 for ea 5 accounts but I want to know where I should buy them from. I don't want to pay 50$/month just to use proxies I could get for free. I know it's...
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    Anyone have a bot for this? Adding info to facebook accounts!

    I need a bot that logs in to Facebook accounts (preferably with proxy support) and adds in info like interests etc. Anyone seen this?
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    [Mass Creating Facebook Accounts & Adding Friends] [Use proxy or vpn]?

    I'm starting a project where I will need a huge no. of Facebook accounts with friends. I have the programs I need (email creator, facebook account creator, facebook friend adder). Now when I create the accounts should I create them in a vpn or a proxy? I'm asking this because if I create them...
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    Max Accounts to Add ea day? on facebook

    Anyone know how many friends I should add each day? Everyone says 30 but If I do 30 it'll take ages to get a large list?
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    Requesting Feedback on Reward Site Design? | It's time to shop for free! Could anyone give me feedback on the index page and rewards page? Thanks
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    Hello from Australia

    I'm Anthony, 16, and lived in Australia. I'm looking forward to becoming apart of this massive community and learn a lot about IM on the way. I've been doing IM for roughly 3 months. I'm learning a lot with every project I complete/fail. I hope I get to know some of you :)