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  1. Sam

    Any ticket scalpers here?

    Specifically US/CA based. Shoot me a PM and I will help you make A LOT more money. All the best,Sam
  2. Sam

    Facebook Ads Cloaking Script

    Saw that, thanks. Still up for offers though :)
  3. Sam

    Facebook Ads Cloaking Script

    Does anybody have a currently up-to-date working one? If so, please shoot me a pm and let's negotiate a deal :)
  4. Sam

    Seeking out for a Facebook Ads consultant

    Recently got back into the game with a good budget. If you've got experience in this field (especially with CPA), please leave a reply or shoot me a pm and I'll get back to you asap! :)
  5. Sam

    Anyone here pushing dieting offers?

    Kindly reply on this thread - would love to have a chat with someone who's in this game. Just getting into the vertical myself, with Facebook Ads as the primary source of traffic. Cheers, Sam
  6. Sam

    SMS verification

    Can anyone recommend SMS verification services with phone numbers based in the US? Looking to verify Facebook accounts. Thanks :) Sam
  7. Sam

    How I make $3000+ each week emailing

    Hey mate, Can you possibly share the [email protected] list you scrub your databases with? Cheers, Sam UPDATE: Found Kickapooh's reply regarding this matter from a different forum. Here are the links he posted. Thanks! :)
  8. Sam

    Marketing to realtors

    Hey guys, So I've got a large, highly-targeted and active list of realtors in the US. What offer, guides, training etc. should I push? Any thoughts, ideas are highly appreciated! :)
  9. Sam

    Where to buy US junk traffic?

    Hey, Been looking around, but can't find exactly what I'm looking for. The main requirements would be: US traffic I can start/pause the traffic flow Instant traffic - don't want to wait 24-48 hours Either blank referrer or I can choose the referrer Thanks in forward :)
  10. Sam

    How much would you pay for a mailing set-up? (Interspire on VPS/Dedi)

    $97 for initial setup and then $40-$60 per month. Please take into mind that server's alone cost $xx-$xxx per month + a clean, nulled up-to-date version of Interspire. UPDATE: Would also add PowerMTA in the package. Official prices start from $5k.
  11. Sam

    How much would you pay for a mailing set-up? (Interspire on VPS/Dedi)

    It would be $97 for set-up and first month. Next month $40-60 etc. If the server get's shut down (because of the client sending out [email protected]) he would have to re-order the $97 package. While yes, you can send mails via the server - this is not really what I'm selling. I'm selling a hosted set-up...
  12. Sam

    How much would you pay for a mailing set-up? (Interspire on VPS/Dedi)

    Don't worry about it. It's ok to send [email protected], I don't care. Your server will just be shut down quite quickly.
  13. Sam

    How much would you pay for a mailing set-up? (Interspire on VPS/Dedi)

    So I'm thinking of setting up a service, where I would set-up Interspire on a VPS/Dedicated server as an off the shelf solution. The initial price-tag I was thinking of was $97. Whadya guys think? The customer would get: -Root access to the server (probably CentOS) -Full access to nulled Interspire
  14. Sam

    Importing forum content

    Does anyone have experience with either importing the content of various forums (without having access to the database) - basically creating a clone. OR just using plugins that create fake posts, users etcetc. (preferrably with a scraper) Cheers, Sam UPDATE: After some additional research...
  15. Sam

    Quick & Easy way to make some extra $$$ putting up flyers

    No need to attack the OP, it's not a scam - it genuienly is a good deal. I'm looking for long-term partners and I'm ready to invest in them. This is in the JV section as well - but as I'm looking for offline traffic mostly, I posted this here too, as I'm sure I can help out a bunch of newcomers...
  16. Sam

    Quick & Easy way to make some extra $$$ putting up flyers

    Works very well, especially if you live near/in a bigger city. Send me a PM and I'll briefly go over the basics (1-on-1 training) and even pay you for the initial printing costs!!! The rest you'll be making on commission :) Absolutely NOTHING to lose, but A LOT to gain! Cheers, Sam
  17. Sam

    VPN/Proxy service with US IP's that works with Paypal?

    Something that won't raise any red flags with Paypal (using US verified accounts) Exclusive, private IP's are a must. Any recommendations? Cheers, Sam
  18. Sam

    Starting line up for MMD staff changes

    Congratulations man :) Having had the pleasure to know you for a few years, I'd have to say that "active", "helpful", "generous" are just some of the key-adjectives that come in to mind when having to describe you. Best of luck to you in this new role of yours ;)
  19. Sam

    ★★★Verified PayPal Premier Accounts USA, Canada , Asian ,VBA, Custom VCCs,VCCs to Activate eBay, Pay

    Hey, the VCC I bought didn't work. I've tried contacting you via e-mail, Skype, and PM's for the past couple of days. Please get back to me asap! Thank you.
  20. Sam

    What is this? A new script on facebook?

    Hey, I was about to reply you via PM, but got this "Fatal error: Call to undefined function clear_autosave_text() in /home/moneymak/public_html/forum/private.php on line 1394" as an error. :/ Anyways, my personal link is expired by now. The original address for it was...