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    $100 a day seems to be the benchmark

    Hi, if not automated, do you mean manually putting it in? Do you still get the same profit?
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    Cashing in on everything I learnt on MMD

    Hi buddy, any updates so far for this year please?
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    Good hosting?

    I'd recommend Hostgator or GoDaddy. I think they have proven themselves over the years of operation. I consider them as reliable.
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    My goal to #1 spot in Google with a niche site with $0 investment.

    I don't think buying a traffic is a wise option. I'd stick with fresh contents, updated constantly, and the rest will just follow. Just let your creativity flow. :)
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    Coupon Codes For

    Hi buddy, sorry ahead to bump this up but were you able to set this one up? Can you share the steps as well please?
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    GoDaddy 1.49$ .COM

    Just too bad that this already expired. Are there any plans in the future similar to this promotion though?
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    Some quick questions !

    Free hosts are only good for testing purposes or maybe a practice. But number 1 rule is to never use one on your business.
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    Rank #1 Google and Make Some Money

    Hi guys, can anyone please confirm if Hostgator permits hostin adult sites?
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    1 month hosting + $100 adwords + $25 bing coupons

    Hi Ivancuca, just checking here, do you still have this offer so far? Or something similar?
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    Follow Me As I Build a Profitable Niche Website from Scratch!

    Hi Jay, any new updates recently? I just want to check if this scheme still works up until this point of time.
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    Want to make $500/month by June. Ideas?

    If it has been banned, I think its a good idea to ask them and check the reason. You could use that to be more aware in the future.
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    i am a complety newbie here and i would some advises and help

    Hi buddy, it has been a long time now. Just curious here if you were able to create your site already. Any chance that you can post it?
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    A amazon associates history

    "the problem is that my site is build with FSB and the licens is personal and can not bee sold, so if i one day shuld flip it it got to bee witout licens and i dont know if someone is intressted then" Sorry to bump this up but what would be the next thing to do here?
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    How I made my first amounts

    It's more like a trial and error basis. Just be patient. Keep on trying things and eventually, you will found one. The one that they call a "Holy Grail".
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    How do I get started?

    You need to have domain and hosting provider. Domain like and a hosting, this is were your server sits.
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    Making more money by building NICHE WEBSITES

    Hi Somesay, sorry to bump this one up but any updates on this so far yet?
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    Hosting that allows "blackhat" content

    I don't think there will be hosting provider that allows that. Best option here is to host the server yourself. Just buy a domain with the server physically located somewhere, your house perhaps.
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    1 Cent Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS)

    Wow, some misleading offers right there. I just wonder if being free only for the first month is listed in the "fine print".
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    Idea for an offline web design business, need advise and honest opinion.

    Maybe just start with a simple Wordpress site is good enough for start up. Later, we can just think about some customization.
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    Curious how to people get free adwords voucher? i know hosting give you some but..

    How much do these cost if I may ask? Or do you still have those available if I may ask?