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  1. journeyoflife7

    Organic Forum Marketing EXPERIMENT

    Hey Everyone! :redface: When it comes to forum marketing online, there seems to be very limited knowledge on the topic. I am in search to find more than just broad information. I am trying to go down to the very last detail! Through experimentation and sharing our experiences with others, I...
  2. journeyoflife7

    9 Steps Towards Successful Forum Marketing

    Good Tip Donald! I Have Tons More To Share With Forums! It Shall Have To Wait! Anyone Else Have Any Tips To Add? Questions? Comments?
  3. journeyoflife7

    Powerful Traffic Methods 3-In-One. Step-by-Step Systems and Newbie Friendly.

    I Don't See Facebook As A Main Source Of Traffic You can increase traffic using an autoresponder. With an autoresponder, people can subscribe to your blog and you can send them emails to remind them of future updates. This is one good way to get recurring traffic. Also an important step to...
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    Making Money online - Hard work or incapable?

    When starting out online marketing 1) Start From What You Know 2) Keep Learning 3) Fix Your Mistakes 4) Keep Progressing No one can be perfect, so we must keep improve until we reach as close as we can to perfection. Also, here is my blueprint when it comes to starting a successful website...
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    9 Steps Towards Successful Forum Marketing

    You Are Very Welcome MKMEE! I also would like to note a couple benefits of forum marketing. 1) High Quality Traffic 2) Backlinks These are two of many reasons I use forums to market my website!
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    9 Steps Towards Successful Forum Marketing

    1) Find The Right Forums Find forums with a similar niche. Every time you post or create new threads you will expose your backlinks to people of the same interest. Not only is this good to directly promote your product or service, you will gain relevant backlinks. Relevant backlinks are...
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    Forum Marketing Newbie Tutorial 101

    Although every forum is different and vary by rules, here are some tips to get you started towards becoming a valuable contributing member to your forums! 1) Avatar – Whether you are coming to learn or are interested in forum marketing, uploading a forum profile avatar is important. This...
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    Forum Marketing

    SEO is great for website traffic. If you have a website to promote, forums backlinks can help you gain great SEO rankings. I have experience with ranking first on google for the keyword Forum Secrets! That was before when I had a blogger subdomain blog. Now I moved it to my own hosting. But...
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    Forum Marketing

    Many people may overlook the importance of forum marketing! If done right, you can drive high quality traffic through forums. High quality forum traffic can be driven from joining forums of the same niche. When you join a forum of the same niche, your posts and links and exposed to thousands of...
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    Forum Marketing - How To Generate TRAFFIC

    Thread titles are key to attracting hundreds of visitors to your forum posts! :D It is important to keep attractive titles in order to generate massive traffic to your posts! When you capitalize a word in your thread title, it will stick OUT! Get the POINT? In your next thread title...
  11. journeyoflife7

    website traffic

    Increasing traffic to your website through forums cannot be underlooked. Many marketers solely use forums to drive thousands in free traffic to their website each and every week. Why use forums? The pro side of using forums to drive traffic to your website is not only the limitless amount of...
  12. journeyoflife7

    Being an affiliate, is it neccessary to buy traffic to earn more commission ?

    Traffic is necessary but it is not the only aspect to consider. An easy way to make money online the “proper” way, would be to 1) Choose A Narrow Topic 2) Create A Website On Your Narrow Niche Full Of Valuable Information 3) Drive Quality Traffic To Your Website 4) Setup An Autoresponder...
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    4 AMAZING Super Steps To Making A Living Online

    Yes, you can make a six figure income online, but it would really depend on your efforts! When it comes to affiliate marketing, I beleive this is the best way to earn! Some people may choose to promote just their affiliate products, but in the long run, they will lose on on building a list of...
  14. journeyoflife7

    4 AMAZING Super Steps To Making A Living Online

    1) Choose A HIGHLY NARROW & PROFITABLE Niche Find one niche, and one niche only! This will give people a sense that you are “master†in your field. This will help you attain credibility. An entire website about how to drive traffic with Twitter is a good example of a narrow niche. Another...
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    Social Media Tips

    In the modern day, the majority of marketers are using social media sites to increase website traffic, gain leads, and make high conversions within their reader base. In the world of today, marketing online is becoming the popular way of advertising through the media. Diving into the world of...
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    best method for traffic

    In my opinion, the best way to increase quality traffic is active participation in online communities ! An easy way to unlimited traffic!
  17. journeyoflife7

    How To Get Rich Online

    It was about two years ago that I had became interested in how to get rich online, when I came across my soon to be favorite internet marketer. I listened to his videos on Youtube, and learned who he was. My favorite marketer taught me a valuable lesson! Value! You need to put value into your...
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    Ideas To Make Money Fast

    There are many ideas to make money fast online. I believe that it is entirely possible for you and I to make a successful full time living online. Before you venture out trying to start an online business, there are some ideas that you should be aware of to avoid failure and succeed. When it...
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    Article Marketing Tips – High Converting Articles

    Quality content just isn’t enough. No matter how many articles you have written, if you are trying to make sales, you must write high converting articles. High converting articles are articles that are formatted in accordance to high “sale converting potential.†A high conversion article...
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    100,000 Visitors From Twitter Each Month

    Michael Dunlop mentioned in one of his articles that 90% of his traffic came from Twitter, and that each month he received 100,000 visitors to his website from twitter! I want to explain the tools you can use to achieve these same results. There are two main types of tools you need to drive...