100% free automated adult video website how to (Hope to help / and receive it)


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Jul 17, 2012
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Question. So free hosting doesnt work? Do you need a lot of disk space for all the videos?


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Sep 28, 2010
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Hi this is my first post in an attempt to tut on money making and do to my new experience in this I hope 1 I dont cross anyone and 2 I help a lot of people and 3 to especially get help and support to make this venture even better because as I said it is free to do this and making money out of thin air would be the bell ringer. So here we go....

First go here: Free Adult Tube - Video - Game Script FreeAdultScript.com (I am in no way affiliated with them other than what I am about to show you.
Now download their adult script it is easy as pie to setup and it is awesome!!
after you download it go to Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL and cPanel, No Ads and sign up for free hosting no ads and no strings woo whooo
also the only cost and you don't have to but I suggest buying a domain name best porn you can think of its only a few bucks and well worth it
ok now get and ftp program like filezilla or whatever and open up your adult script there are instruction on how to install it and also if you need help I am here and will help you also.
then its simple get an affiliate and fill up the html banner areas and use the automatic video bots to fetch all the videos for you and thats pretty much it. I have just started this so I will keep you up to date as things go forward as to my success or no success but what is there to lose?

heres my domain SQUIRT YOU (Again this is an adult site so dont visit if thats not your thing. Please feel free to critique me and give me tips on how to use this to go further because its all about getting better and better

UPDATE: here is what the adult scrpt has for those who think it may not be optimized enough ;-)

Adult Video TUBE Website

Easy administrating (No programing skills need)

Word Spinner Spin your video title and description by one

click and create unique contend. NEW!

Auto Video Add Add videos to your website automatically.

and effortlessly add video and content. NEW!

SEO Friendly Links

Slideshow Thumbnail viewing when the mouse over

BacklinkSpider integrated.

Youporn, Redtube, Extremetube, Pornhub, Tube8,

KeezMovies, Xvideos, Xhamster video bots.

Custom XML-RPC Pinging to ping servers

You can categorize your videos and games

Auto TAG Generator for videos and games

Visitors can comment on videos (captcha image security


Template Selecting from different templates (8 different

template to choose from)

Free HTML Areas- (you can customize your advertisements,

your logo, your footer backlinks etc..)

Using Caches for minimum MySql Usage

UTF-8 encoding - No Special Character Problem

You can customize the language of your Website

Site Maps for Google Webmaster Tools

All Setup On Free Hosting (Can be moved to where ever you

like otherwise)
I am interested in this , email me at [email protected]


Jan 22, 2015
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I think I will give this a try. But has someone else tested this recently though?