$1000 with Adult Video Blog

Hi! So my goal is pretty simple, I have started a adult video blog where i embed videos from bigger porn sites. Blog has been monetized with juicyads advertisements, I will use tumblr to promote my blog. Pretty simple and straight-forward.

I will try not to take money out before i reach this goal. Wish me good luck. :)

12/02/2013 Blog Stats
Unique IPs: 39
Pageviews: 79

Money made so far: $0.03 / $1000

Updates: 13.02.2013
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Sup, Frodo.

Nice to see you have started a journal! Keep pushing hard and it will pay off. Tumblr is good for short term since they do ban accounts for this. I suggest you branch out more (more the better chance of traffic = more conversions)

I would get started on a twitter account. Twitter is a huge part of free traffic!

Well I hope to hear more updates on your journal in the future!
Thank you twentytwo! I did what you suggested and made a twitter account for the site, after few minutes with fresh twitter account, it got me over 10 clicks which isnt that bad imo considering its a brand new account so thanks for suggestion!

Now since the 24hours has passed according to server time I'll put some new statistics here.

13/02/2013 Blog Stats
Unique IPs: 99
Pageviews: 317

Money made so far: $0.09 / $1000
So here's some more stats, have been ****ming pornhub with my pre-writed comments and link to blog + porn pictures with link to my blog in tumblr.

14/02/2013 Blog Stats
Unique IPs: 109
Pageviews: 382

Money made so far: $0.38 / $1000


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It doesn't seem effective at all using juicyads, it would take forever to reach $1000 if your at less than $1 now. Have you considered monetizing the blog with adult CPA offers instead? Maybe rotate and split test to see which get the best CTR.

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Frodo, was wondering if you were still pushing this. Here looking around for adult blogs that I could possibly promote a USA based adult toy store on, share a percentage of the sales.


Hey Frodo, Wondering if you are still around and if you had any more success with this method, also what else have you been up to.