$10k Per Month? Thats easy!! Become a leads broker!!


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How to make at least 10k per month easy… (BUT PROBABLY MORE)

Okay I’ll share one method with you guys in case you’re interested in making some real money online.
The positive to this is that it’s almost a guaranteed way to make fantastic money. The downside is that the honest truth is that it’s a “lot of workâ€. So maybe try and outsource as much as you can.

But the secret formula looks like this:

You’ve seen all these CPA offers that ask you to add a form to their website and they pay you 10 bucks to get a form filled out.

Usually it’s stuff like:

mortgage brokers
debt consolidators
insurance companies

So what I did is rather than do CPA, I just did it all myself.

The basics of it is that you’re selling “sales leads†to business owners. Each lead that comes in on average I’ve found you can sell to about 3 companies. Anymore and the lead gets over saturated and clients get mad.

so the math looks like this:

1) You find 3 companies that are willing to buy leads off you in a certain niche. ie: mortgage brokers
2) You sell the leads for 20 dollars each
3) You build a bunch of websites (video splash pages) to gather leads. Offer the visitor a free quote (say a mortgage quote) if they leave their personal information.

Advertise them all over to get the leads up to 10 per day.

NOW READ THIS…….. So now do the math 10 leads x 3 companies x 20 per lead = $600 per day or $18k per month. (YES: 10 X 3 X 20 = 600)

So you do this business model getting leads for the industries of:

Insurance x 18k
Debt Consolidation x 18k
Mortgages x 18k
18+18+18 = 54

so eventually you could make something in the range of 54k per month.

The only draw back is that I’ve found that it’s a “LOT OF WORKâ€. But on the upside you’re dealing in B2B, you got clients who have money, that will likely stay long term as long as the leads are fresh, and they see ROI. Anyway, it’s kinda a slow way to make some money online.

Seems to work though.

NO go to work! The money is ready to pic it up. But dont bend yourslef to far :p

I see that you are trying to earn that VIP status really hard man. Keep up the good work keep sharing tutorial one will hit the jackpot and give you that VIP Status


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This is not as simple as it seems. The reality is your going to need to figure out your cost perleads and how your going to generate them, also you better know how to sell because you will need to know how to talk to the business owner about this.
This method isn't very easy at all... (Getting the leads online can be a huge hassle).

There was someone on DG who posted something like this though, but what he would do is cold call businesses in the area, tell them that he isn't selling anything but would like to ask a few questions. He then asks them if their happy with their health insurance policy (simple questions like that). But enough detail that he could find out who they are currently with and why they aren't happy... From here you can sell of these leads to local brokers/companies, as they now know what they have to offer to sell to them :)

Simple twists can make all the difference!


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this dont match to this section of forum -'Simple Money Making Methods (Make Money Online)

Because you have got lot to do in this method and its not simple...But anyway good luck..Hope you come up witha good ebook or tutorial
Your correct, this does not belong in this section. And if your looking to earn VIP, then keeping the forum clean & making sure your post are in the proper area is a must.

None the less, your doing a great job trying to share methods here with MMD.
Some quick advise, don't create titles making it look like a WSO sales page lol
Be honest with ALL your post, if something is not simple.. don't advertise it as simple.

Earning VIP is not an easy task, but keep doing what your doing, your on the right track.


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It becomes easy once you outsource it and fully position yourself as the big honcho in getting leads online. I personally appreciate these methods and will take action on the ideas given here in about 2 years when I set up an offline consultancy. As for the WSO title? C'mon Movie it's marketing!! :p


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Yup not simple at all. I looked into this myself once I figured out the odds are not in my favor for some time I did not follow through. Anyone that say's this is easy is delusional or not typing from experience.

I worked for a car dealership and if you think your going to approach these folks without knowing how to sell well good luck. If your going to do any of this you better know how to sell. Otherwise you will be eating peanut butter and crackers.


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You made it look so simple than it is actually. I have worked on lead generating and selling. Both generating quality leads and selling them to profit rate are definitely not easy as it sounds.


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much easier if you offer something free upfront, like "your first 10 leads free" alittle bit of work upfront but as long as your leads are quality (not blackhat) they will be begging you for more, what I do is give them the first 10 free and if they close any of those its 25%(yes most people pay it as they did nothing to generate the lead) and from there per lead so your not really losing as long as they know how to convert. and make sure you price your leads right because you can go from profit to loss pretty quick....nice long term income and you can upsell and cross sell all day long.
i am totally newbie here, but i think you make this method as if it's so simple, i agree with myworldis4me , this is a pain in the ass method. thanx for the info


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Yes this is the problem with the internet some people post such things and others will think oh so easy and profitable. It is not true of this method I would not recommend it. I have tried it for some time and lots of financial risk involved and time. The original poster obviously is lucky or just copies and pastes other peoples ideas.


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Grate Share man.... Think out of the box and use this method with your ideas... Ex use microworkers or mturk to get some inetial leads.... think of some other industry...


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wow guys stop whining and just do something!!! there are more people talking down on peoples posts than people actually trying these methods!! and yes this particular method DOES work and yes it does require work but will bring you $$$ on autopilot if done right! Search the forum there are more than enough resources to get you started....

all the them time people are spending trying to find "the quick fix get rich plan" you could actually be setting up and implementing a long term business...it takes jsut as much time to be blackhat then it does to be whitehat..... just my opinion...

thanks OP I know from experience this does work....I sell the leads I generate for my real estate business to surrounding niches....


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I can get the leads (1000+ a day mortgage leads, high quality) but finding the place to sell them is difficult. Any tips anyone?​
Can you tell me from where do you gather the leads? I might be interested in them. Pm me about the quality, daliy amount and price.