$200 A Month - Badly In Need For A Method


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Recently, my A level result was published. Sadly, my Chemistry result turned out to be way worse than I had expected which means I have to resit for my Chemistry AS and A2 exams. My dad had to pay an extra £160 for these units.
I want to pay him back this amount + the amount he spent on other units.

My IM background: Have been in internet marketing since 2009. Took it as a casual business. Have made around $900 so far in total. May not seem much but considering the time I spent doing it (maybe 3 hours a week or less), it's kind of a lot. The problem is I have been away from IM for around 6 months and I see a lot of things have changed, and a lot of my old methods are not working (like PPD + Youtube).

I'm mostly free at the time (6 hours a day). I plan on spending it doing only IM. I would really appreciate if you guys could give me some advices on what I should be doing now.

Current Campaign/Campaigns Planned On: Going to start doing some services on Fiverr in a a few days. I have already planned on a few gigs.

Thanks in advance.
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here is a good site that pays, and have made $900 studentoffortune is a tutoring site :) but they do have a cap at $400 to withdrawl then you have tstart claiming from I.R.S UH OH EH LOL, but if you american it should be ok


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PPD+Youtube and CPA+Youtube and Torrents all are working. You need to find twists to the old methods and you would be fine.


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Update: I have created 6 fiverr gigs ( 5 on graphics designing, 1 on writing blog posts). So far, I have gotten only 3 orders in 6 days which is too low considering my goal.

I will stick to Fiverr for the next 2 months. If everything stays this way, I will find some other method of making money.

(BTW, I read at a number of places to think outside the box when it comes to making Fiverr gigs. I will surely try something new and unique soon.)


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Hey, Airheadbuster.

Have you thought about trying MoneyMakerAgents :eek:

Great way to earn passive income as a WebCam Model Agent. Also owned by the owner of this forum....
Never acted as an agent before. Will venture into this area of marketing later. :p


3 more sales on the same ebook cover designing gig. None on others. :(

I think I need to change my mindset. Need to aim for a bigger amount like $2,000 a month. That way, I will reach my goal faster. :)


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Lol are you serious, you should do that again
Do what again?

Update: Got 5 orders over the last 7 days. I'm suffering from severe fever. So, I couldn't deliver one of orders within time yesterday. Got a negative rep. :(

Guys, I need some motivation. I'm on the verge of giving up. I'm working 5 hours a day and average a measly $20 per week. That's too low. :(