400.000 unique proxies every day! Exclusive and Personal proxies!


RSocks: Professional solutions for providing a personal privacy

The advantages of RSocks:
  • High quality services. Working with RSocks, you achieve maximum efficiency of the workflow;
  • 24-hour technical support. Simply choose the convenient communication channel for you: Jabber, Skype, Telegram, ICQ, ticket system and convenient Live chat on our site;
  • Attention to details. Individual approach to solving your problems;
  • Payments on the referral system are made within 24 hours;
  • Guarantee of anonymity, absence of logging;
  • Refunds are made within 24 hours (except for daily packages);
  • Free hour of testing our services for new users.

Advantages in using VPN from RSocks:
  • Maximum safety. The service creates a special encryption tunnel, through which all your personal information
    will be transmitted;
  • Lack of logs. Our system does not provide for the maintenance of statistics and does not create records by which
    the user could be identified;
  • Support for Torrent, P2P, VoIP. Having installed our VPN, you get a unique opportunity to download unlimited
    volumes of video and audio, as well as share your content with other users;
  • Unlimited bandwidth. Using VPN from RSocks, you can watch streaming video, chat with friends on video chat
    and use other features of the global network;
  • Versatile use. Our VPN service works on all devices, including game consoles and Smart-TVs with an Internet
  • Own applications for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS.

Servers are located in the following countries:

USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Romania, Poland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Israel,
Isle of Man, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Estonia, Belgium, Austria and others.
At the moment, the number of countries is more than 30, and this figure is increasing daily.

White Label definition on Wikipedia

Read more about this offer on RSocks White Label

All requests and suggestions will be received on the mail [email protected]

A link to download RSocks proxy checker you can find on the main page, and IP-Changer - in your personal account.

Jabber: [email protected]
PHONE: +1 518 555 0176
Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net
QQ: 3307018252
WeChat: rsocks
ICQ: 560335
Today we are happy to announce updates on our project. We have a couple of small innovations and one significant - this is a new proxy package specifically for mailing!

1) A new proxy package was launched in test mode specially for mailing

We glad to announce that we have a new proxy package "Mail Special", which is already available for purchasing account in the" Standard Proxy "section.

Features of the new proxy package:
  • The online of package is 15 to 30 thousand proxies.
  • Package updates every 15 minutes, while updating you will get 5% of new proxy (2 hours to 40% of new proxy!)
  • All ports on servers are open. (25,465 and 587 ports)
  • For testing and checking we offer 1 hour of free work *!
*For the test, please contact our support service.

Prices for the Mail Special package:
  • Day - 60$
  • Week - 200$
  • Month - 800$
As a result, the Mail Special package is good for demanding customers for white and gray mailings!


Especially for the first 10 clients we provide a 10% discount if you purchase the "Mail Special" package absolutely for any period!

Promotion code «NewOfferRS»

We will be very happy with all your wishes or criticism about the work of new proxies. We remind you that now the proxy is running in a test mode and gradually the quality and online will grow every day. All wishes and comments you can leave both in this thread and directly in our support service.

2) A new form of authorization method selection on personal proxies.

After a few comments from clients about the inconvenience of working with the mechanism of choosing the actual method of authorization on personal proxy, it was decided to change it and make it more convenient! ;)

Now, the new form is a block with a switch button on top that shows the active type of authorization. We remind that now we have authorization by username and password or through the binding of the working ip address. After changing the method, it is necessary to press the "Save" button.

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3) The availability of Socks5 protocol on server proxy.

Since the activating of the server proxy, only a few weeks have passed, and we have already received quite a lot of requests for adding the opportunity to work through the socks5 protocol. To implement the work of both protocols on the same port, unfortunately we have not succeeded, so we made possible to unload different proxy lists to work with different protocols.

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This is all news for today. For all questions, please contact our support:

Jabber: [email protected]
PHONE: +1 518 555 0176
Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net
QQ: 3307018252
WeChat: rsocks
ICQ: 560335
TwitchPack is the special proxy package!

Today is available for buying a new special package for working with the Twitch.tv service

Now the package work in test mode and we will be very glad to a receive feedbacks about your work and about the stability and quality of the new package.

In advance we tested the proxies which worked very well and kept online ~200 viewers for a long time when you work at 200-300 threads. And now we are waiting for information from you! Support.

Brief description of the package:

Geo: World mix
Online: ~2500 ip
Update the list every hour to 20-25% on a new ip
Limitation: 300 threads and closed ports are required to work with Twitch

Free test for 1 hour after request and additional 4 hours for feedback after testing.

The price is $100 month

Especially for the first 10 buyers we give a discount of 10% when you purchase package "TwitchPack" for a month!

Promo Code "NewOfferRS"

We would like to hear your wishes and feedback about quality of our new proxies. We want to remind you that proxies are running in test mode and are not yet at full capacity. You can provide your feedback directly to our support.

Jabber: [email protected] | PHONE: +1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335
Hello everyone!

Just several days ago we launched a special proxy package for Twitch.tv and some of you might take it for testing and even buy the monthly package. We are trying to understand our customers, to find common language with them and create comfortable working conditions on both technical and financial side.

We added a weekly tariff to TwitchPack for only $30!

We reminde you key fetures of the pack:

  • Online: 2500 IPs.
  • Geo: World mix.
  • Updating and adding up to 20-25% fresh IPs every hour.
  • There are severe restrictions on 300 threads.
  • An hour free test on demand and additional 2 hours for feedback on the forum.

Dear customers, it's important to remember, there is a thread restriction and the package is supposed to maintain 200 viewers. Even if you run software which supports 500 threads, all extra threads will be cut down automaticly by the servers.

Contact our support service if you have any questions:

Jabber: [email protected] | PHONE: +1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335
We welcome all visitors of this forum!

Our company RSocks isn't standing still. Almost a year ago we entered the Asian market and since then continuing to develop in this region. The number of customers grows every day so does the demand for our product. We appreciate opinions and desires of our customers so much that we announce the launching of a new special proxy package for Asia.

We present to you the key characteristics of the new package:
  • Geo: Vietnam
  • Online: 6500ip
  • Updating[/B] of proxy every 2 hours up to 30%
  • All ports are open
  • limitation: for 500 threads
  • Free test for 1 hour
  • Price: 50$/day, 150$/week, 700$/month

We make the promotion according to tradition: the first 10 buyers will get 10% discount and free monthly VPN subscription on promo code! Hurry up to become one of them
Promotional code: "NewOfferVietnam"

Also you can get Vietnam package for free test, to ensure in high quality. To get a test, ask questions and tell about wishes and claims, write to support service. We will glad to hear you!

Jabber: [email protected] | PHONE: +1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335
RSocks News: @rsocks_news
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Free proxies for Telegram!

The RSocks team has launched a sponsorship proxies specifically for work with the telegram messenger with MTProto protocol.

What are the sponsorship proxies and how do they differ from usual ones?

The sponsorship proxies are proxies which are designed to work only with Telegram, these proxies work through special MTProto protocol that does not allow you to perform any other actions through a proxy, but only connect to the Telegram servers.

The main advantage for users is that the requests are absolutely free to use! At the same time they keep stable connection and high speed of work. Proxy can also be used for audio calls.

Also, an additional advantage for you is that using our free sponsorship proxies you will automatically receive our information and news channel RSocks News, in which we tell all our news, promotions and special offers.


Join us. Use proxies, use Telegram!

Jabber: [email protected] | PHONE: +1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335
RSocks News: @rsocks_news
Hello guys!

When we develop our service we are led by our customers' interests. We consider their wishes and desires. That's why very recently we launched Twich package which is perfect in its special way and is much in demand. So we decided to go even farther. Now we're launching a new package specially dedicated for YouTube.com!

Packages specs briefly:
  • Online 2500 ip
  • Geo: World mix
  • Updating: once every 2 hours
  • All ports are open.
  • Limit: 300 threads
  • Price: $100 monthly, $30 weekly, $10 dayly

Get the test pack for free now. Just send a request on rsocks.net or contact our customer support. We are online 24/7!
And don't forget to post your feedback because it's the main reason we make our service better for you!

Good luck with your streams!

Jabber: [email protected] | PHONE: +1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335
RSocks News: @rsocks_news
Until the end of the summer the Email-package subscription with $300 discount!

Are you actively engage in Email-marketing and sending spam? ;)

We updated Special Mail proxy package, it became better and more accessible. New Special Mail contains up to 100 000 proxies. As a result of this we made the special offer till the end of the summer - monthly subscription will cots $500!

Make mailing of letters without restrictions and locks!

Jabber: [email protected] | PHONE: +1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335
RSocks News: @rsocks_news
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Hello everyone!

We are glad to inform you that today new personal geos of Turkey and Switzerland have become available on RSocks!
New countries are already available for purchaseing, they can be purchased on your control panel.

We remind you that we expand the pool of countries according to your numerous requests. This can be done on the rsocks.net website or via our customer support team.

Send us your questions and suggestions, we are always in touch!

Jabber: [email protected] | PHONE:+1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335
Purchase a subscription for package of proxies until the end of August and get 50% discount for VPN from RSocks!

Rsocks try to develop new directions via user's request. We gift 50% discount on VPN for constant users after purchasing of any proxy package that our services become more approachable. You can use received promo code for VPN discount any time.

More shares and discounts in our Telegram channel, subscribe!

Jabber: [email protected] | PHONE:+1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335
Personal proxies: Japan.

RSocks extends geo special for you, today was launched new server for work with personal proxies which located in Japan.

Proxies already are availiable for purchasing. If you want to get a new geo you need to send a request on our site or write to our support service. We work for you 24/7!

Also don't forget about our free proxies for Telegram!

Jabber: [email protected] | PHONE:+1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: rsocks.net | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335

The "Server proxy" package wholly consists of high-speed, stable and anonymous proxy addresses.

Rsocks "Server proxies" run on dedicated physical servers only, therefore they have an increased stability and connection speed comparing to other types of proxy.

Using dedicated servers allows us to provide a stable uptime of 99,9% while maintaining maximum possible data rate. Please mind that ports such as 25, 2525, 587, 465 and 2526 are closed due to our Anti-spam policy. These "Server proxies" perfectly suit tasks that require 24/7 stable high-speed connection with an unlimited traffic.

  • Stable uptime > 99,9%
  • Support of HTTP(S), Socks4/5 protocols
  • Anonymous access
  • High speed
  • Unlimited traffic allowance
  • 24/7 client support.

The Server proxies by Rsocks are available for purchase NOW!

Currently we have a 1000 IP addresses located in the US and yet 2500 addresses of Germany ready for purchase right away for the most affordable price:

  • Germany - $50/week and $200/month
  • USA - $100/week and $400/month

We continuously expand our tariffs and locations lists. If you experience problems finding proxies that suit your needs (GEO or IPs pool size), please contact us in any way convenient for you:

Jabber: [email protected] | Telegram: @RSocks | Skype: rsocks.net | ICQ: 560335

Please subscribe to our Telegram channel: @RSocks_news
Free proxy for Telegram by RSocks!
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RSocks new servers.

Our goal is to provide you with the ability to use private and secure Internet, from anywhere in the world, wherever you are. Today we have two great news:
Our servers are constantly updated and expanded. Over the summer we hooked up 6 new countries, and do not plan to stop. In the near future our team plans to introduce a large number of highly specialized proxy packages to meet various needs of our users. To be informed, follow our news feed and our news channel in the Telegram.

1. Personal proxy: Albania.

Our service “Personal proxy” consists of more than 25 countries around the world and provides reliable, dedicated addresses for personal use. And our principle is “one IP address has one owner” guarantees high quality.

Not long ago another country became available - Albania. You can purchase the subscription in your personal account at the minimal price of$5/month! These IP addresses support all the popular protocols like socks4/4a, socks5, http(s) and they are ideal for social networking, online games, anonymous registration, circumvention and many other tasks.

2. Server proxies.

Just a week ago we launched Server proxies and now they are high in demand. Therefore we have expanded our offer and made an extended USA package with 5000 IP for you.

The subscription price is:
  • $ 200 for 7 days
  • $ 800 for 1 month.
The new tariff is available now!

What other country would you like to see as well? Sen your wishes to our customer support:

Server proxies price cut and launch of the trial use.

Today we have two pleasant announcements to make - especially for those who appreciates our server proxies for their extra stability and connection speed:
  • We've considerably cut subscription prices
  • Added a free of cost evaluation use option.

Server proxies price cut.

To let more users evaluate our server proxies’s quality, we’ve decided to make them more affordable. Currently, you can purchase US and Germany server plans at very attractive prices:
  • Germany 1000 IP - $40 weekly / $160 monthly
  • USA 2500 IP - $60 weekly / $240 monthly
  • USA 5000 IP - $120 weekly / $480 monthly
New server in Japan is expected to be launched shortly!

Evaluation use.

To access the trial, you must leave a message with your login for our site on any of forums listed below:
After leaving a message, contact our support by any convenient method to verify your account and get trial access.
After the end of the evaluation period you can also receive up to 30 additional minutes of free use if you leave either positive or neutral feedback in one of the listed forums. For more details about the trial use, access your RSocks personal profile.

Share your requests, questions and suggestions on GEO and IP count with our support by any convenient means:

Dear friends!

Every day we improve our service, taking into account all the wishes and recommendations of our users. Due to numerous requests, we added two new servers located in Australia and Austria to work with personal proxies.

  • $7 per month
  • $35 per 6 month
  • $65 per year

The servers are already available for purchase.
Go to the page of personal proxies.

We’re interested in – where do you want the next location to be?

Share your requests, questions and suggestions on GEO and IP count with our support by any convenient means:

Jabber: [email protected] | Telegram: @RSocks | Skype: rsocks.net | ICQ: 560335

Friends, we have great news!

Lately the RSocks team has received many requests suggesting for possibility of identifying certain countries in the group of IP proxy packs.

And we did it!

A new function has become available in the personal account - the list of proxies can be displayed with the GEO parameter.
Now it’s possible to add a country when loading the list: - address: port: geo (the country code is displayed in the list according to ISO 3166-1).

Read more about new proxy settings

What kind of updates would you like to see in our service?

Share your questions and suggestions:

Jabber: [email protected] | Telegram: @RSocks | Skype: rsocks.net | ICQ: 560335


RSocks is constantly expanding the geography of personal proxy in order to provide new opportunities to work with our service. We are proud to announce that servers are currently available on 30 countries!

We’ve launched two new locations: Bulgaria and Romania.

  • Bulgaria: $5 per month / $25 per 6 month / $49 per year
  • Romania: $7 per month / $35 per 6 month / $65 per year

All servers are already available for purchase in your account.
Select your locations and start using the service right now.

Didn’t find the necessary geo in the list? Share your requests, questions and suggestions on GEO with our support by any convenient means:

Jabber: [email protected] | Telegram: @RSocks | Skype: rsocks.net | ICQ: 560335
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NEW Tariff Server Proxis Japan: 1000 IP!

Japan is the Land of the Rising Sun and a high technology world leader. Our Server proxies are an excellent decision for tasks that require high-speed connection with unlimited traffic.

Combining increased stability and high connection speed, we added the package: Japan 1000 IPs

Subscription price:
  • $ 40 for 7 days
  • $ 160 for 1 month

The new tariff is available now in your RSocks account!

Send your wishes for new locations and package sizes to the support team, and we will definitely add them as soon as possible!

Stay in touch:
Jabber: [email protected] | Telegram: @RSocks | Skype: rsocks.net | ICQ: 560335

Hello, dear friends!

The RSocks team always takes into account the wishes of our customers. After analyzing many requests from you, we created new Residential proxy tariffs for those who want to bring their ideas to life with a very small budget, and those who are ready to get much more opportunities with a slight increase in price!

Global Mix Package
  • Online: IP 50,000
  • Max number of threads: 300
  • Update: 15% per hour
  • Price: $10 per hour | $30 per day | $150 per week | $400 per month

Lite Mix Package
  • Online: IP 20 000
  • Max number of threads: 200
  • Update: 15% per hour
  • Price: $70 per week | $200 per month
Proxy is completely anonymous and not detected by services - no suspicion!
Activate the new package and start using it right now!

* In the Global Mix package, the amount of IP may not be static and may vary in the range from 20,000 to 100,000, the average for the day is 50,000 IP

** Pay your attention that mail ports are closed on these packages. If you need a proxy for mailings - try the Mail Special package.

RSocks offers individual rates if you want to buy a proxy in large volume. We are also ready, upon request, to provide proxy packages in the country or region you need.

Personal conditions and your wishes you can contact the support service.

If you have any questions, need more information or just want to tell us your opinion, please don’t hesitate to also contact us by:

Jabber: [email protected] | Telegram: @RSocks | Skype: rsocks.net | ICQ: 560335