!6 Year Old Trying To Make Money With CPA

Alright, so I am 16 and trying to make some extra money. I have been really interested in CPA Marketing so thats really what I want to focus on. While browsing the CPA networks I realized most of them require you to be 18 years or older. I contacted a few to see if it was possible to get in if you are under 18 because I know it has been done before :p. Hopefully at least one will accept me and I can get started with some of the great methods I have learned and adapted from this forum! I will update once I get some responses! :D
UPDATE: Alright so it has been a week since I have started and I have applied for MaxBounty. It has been really hard getting in contact with my AM :(. I have called her every day but she has not replied. Any suggestions on what I should do? (also she is never on her AIM) Hopefully I can get a hold of her soon and get this thing started!

TIME: One Week
UPDATE: YAY! Maxbounty accepted me! So now I am trying CPA + Facebook Ads. I have started one ad and doing research on how to get the best conversions. If you guys have any tips it would be great if you could let me know;). I'll be back in a few days to see if I have earned anything.

TIME: 2 Weeks
UPDATE: OK hopefully people can learn from my mistakes. Being the naive little boy I am I ran into a trap I think most newbies run into. Once I got accepted into Maxbounty, I went over to Facebook, threw an ad together linking to one of my aff. links and ran it without much thought. I think I just thought people were going to click on it. The next day I went into my account to see my huge success......

7 LIKES! I was excited for a second until I looked down at how much I paid....$20! It was then I thought to myself I really need to change what I'm doing. So I did A LOT of research and I changed my plan. Now I am linking to a Facebook page (weight loss niche) to a much more targeted audience. I am 100% sure this add will do better then my first one! Stay tuned to find out ;)

UPDATE: Alright I know I haven't updated in a while! Here is what happened. I started loosing money paying for all the advertising with little to no earnings! So what I have decided to do is put a pause on my CPA + Facebook method and try a different one for a while while I learn more about CPA advertising. Does anyone have any good methods?