A programmer's journey to $500 a week [selling twitter followers]

I spend lots of time online every day. I'm an HTML5/JavaScript/CSS/PHP programmer. I program as a hobby though, and don't work for anybody or make any money from it. I plan on using my programming skills to add cool twists on regular methods.

I'm hoping to update this thread every few days with my progress. This will give me the motivation I need to keep moving forward!

Without further ado...

‎(/.__.)/ DAY 1 \(.__.\)​
About a year ago I made a simple twitter account manager in my spare time. I tried using it to sell twitter followers on ebay. My post quickly got taken down because apparently selling digital accounts is against their TOS. However, I was able to snag one customer who came back to me about 5 times. I realized how easy that business could be.

Fast forward to today. I've decided to try to make something of my "twitter follower" skills. This morning I set up this very simple site: TwitterKing.

An hour ago I sent out an email to 500 twitter marketers advertising my service. A few people replied interested, but no one ended up buying anything. Then again, it's only been an hour. Maybe I'll wake up with good news.
I've also set up a $25 campaign on MyLikes. I'm hoping this campaign will be a DOUBLE HITTER! My theory:
  1. When big Twitter accounts advertise my site, their followers will potentially buy my service.
  2. ALSO (here's what I think is awesome)... the Twitter marketers using MyLikes will see that campaign while looking for things to advertise... and then hopefully buy followers!
That's all for today... If anyone has any ideas let me know!
‎(/.__.)/ DAY 2 \(.__.\)​
Yesterday I forgot to add an important detail. It's currently costing me $0.75 for every 1,000 followers I sell. I was selling them at $1.50 per 1,000.

I got two purchases from my somewhat [email protected] email blast. Person "A" bought 10k followers. Person "B"... wait for it... bought a WHOPPING 100k followers! After expenses (paragraph above) I made $82.50! But in the future I don't want to have to rely on sending email blasts to scrapped emails.

Today I changed my site. I'll describe the changes, since nobody saw it yesterday (my post was stuck in the [email protected] filter). I changed the price from $1.50 / 1,000 followers to $3 per 1,000 followers. That's still cheaper than most of the big guys in this business. Anyways, I don't think most customers in this business bother to check the competition. I also made the site simpler. I removed all the different packages, and replaced them with a simple slider to completely customize how many followers you would like to buy.

Not a single person has advertised my ad on MyLikes yet... I'll wait another two days (maybe it just takes time to activate). If still no one has advertised it after that, I'll raise my max Cost Per Click.

I've been thinking of ways to put my nooby programming skills to use. I've come up with a nice viral way to get lots of views from twitter... I'll update you guys on that later.

That's all for day 2! I'd love to hear some feedback :)

And thanks Smeltzer for taking my thread out of the [email protected] filter, even though I linked to my site.
(/.__.)/ DAY 4 \(.__.\)​
I made a twitter account to advertise my service. I'm running tweetadder, but that wasn't good enough for me. Using PHP I coded a micro twitter automation program that fits exactly my needs. Basically, every minute or so I'm tweeting a bunch of hashtags like #Follow4Follow and #teamfollowback. I'm building up a list of followers who are ACTIVELY TRY TO GAIN FOLLOWERS. Everything is very well spun, along with a random 4 digit number at the end. This is all to prevent being caught in the [email protected] filter. I'm not going to share my account, but you can compare it with this guy who's actively using this method to promote various social shops/follower exchanges. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! I'm not sure if I was trying to get more customers, or if I was just feeling really competitive with @RT2GAIN, but I added a really cool automation task that he/she doesn't have. I'm actively tweeting people who tweet keywords related to buying twitter followers. I let them know about my service, and provide a random animal fact. I provide the animal fact because I don't want to be caught in the [email protected] filter for tweeting people the same thing (even though everything I'm tweeting is spun anyway). I use an animal fact instead of random numbers so I don't look as [email protected] to potential customers. The animal facts can get pretty random (since it's all spun), take a look:

Jesus... try to count how many times I said "spun" in the last paragraph. I used this very nice lightweight spinner.

Okay... Profit talk.
I think I made the right move to raise my prices to $3 per 1,000 followers. I'm now making a profit of $2.25 per K, and I don't think it will significantly effect my sales. I got one order for 10k followers, making me $22.50. I received two emails asking for details about my followers... hopefully something will come out of those. I also got a message from someone about being a reseller/affiliate... Once again I can only hope good things come out of that.

I hope I'll start making some solid cash in the next couple weeks... I'm going to invest a bit of money in getting resellers/affiliates.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... I got a refund from MyLikes. My campaign has been canceled. Their reason:
We no longer allow campaigns that promote gaining Twitter followers.
SHAMELESS SELF PROMO: plz don't ban me
It's safe to say TwitterKing is doing very well relative to how many views the site has (very small number). If anyone is having a hard time with IM, I'll set you up with an affiliate account and completely walk you through getting sales.