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Thought I'd share a website that I use to keep up on the
'mobile marketing' trends.

This is a great site that is dedicated to covering all things
related to mobile marketing.

You can check it out at: Mobile Marketing Watch | The Pulse Of The Mobile Marketing Community
if you're interested.

BTW, we use mobile marketing campaigns for certain local
businesses that have repeat customers, with great success,
not to mention the residual income we get from it.

I'd like to hear what you think about the site, so by all means,
post your replies...


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Is Mobile marketing is more suitable for the North America markets?
Because advertisers from other continents/countries simply unable to see their mobile ads from outside the US/Canada.
Can someone tell me more about this...?

Thank you.


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That's a great question. I think you should probably start a new post
and ask the question again.

I use it strictly for marketing a small local business that have
customers that frequent their shops. I really don't know if it
would work in other countries.

You might also try PM'ing a guy that goes by - nico - here at
MMD. He seems pretty knowledgeable and can at least point
you in the right direction.


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Thanks for the link - I'm working on a comprehensive marketing strategy for insurance brokerage and mobile is something I totally forgot about. Awesome resource.


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mobile marketing is set to be the next big thing- it is more effective than any other type of marketing because it is so personal, ie if you receive a text message, you are bound to read it, even if just out of curiosity. However, it is only effective (and legal) if you have opted in to receive these messages (otherwise it is spam). This system is currently being tried out in shopping centres- imagine walking past a store and receiving a text message informing you of a special offer. Marketing doesn't get any better than that!


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I know i'm new here but i'm trying to push SMS marketing, are there any reliable solutions/services you can suggest? I'm looking for service that will allow me to place text submits/opt ins and allows me to send messages. Something like aweber for mobile.


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the site is interesting, thanks.

do you know of any resources that would allow us to provide sms services for offline clients?


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there are a ton of sms services, just need to google it. it depends what country youre in, state/province and how much you want to spend. there are lots of factors to consider. check out kim dushinki's course, lots of great info in it


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So far the best resource I have found is...c1pbs94zj I have searched ; marketing branding marketing...mlm mailing lists mobile marketing small business marketing...marketing program starting a business money making idea


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Thanks for the Mobile Marketing link. Here is another link that is pretty good.
You might want to get a hold of Mobile Local Fusion.


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wow, thanks that is an awesome link! I just read the article about google saying 1 third of all mobile searches are locally intended. Information like that shows where 2011 is going to be big, ie mobile marketing.


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Good links...Thank you. I have been looking into the mobile market - possibly selling web-apps to local businesses for pushing offers to their customers. Has anyone here done anything like this?


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Ya mobile is definitely a local play right now, its still very young and the monetization models are still being worked out. Easy foot in the door service is to build a mobile site for a customer, charge 197-497 (can be used as a loss leader, which is what i use it for), get them into your marketing funnel, and send them reports/video designed to sell your other services like email marketing, video, lead gen, etc. Once you get your systems in place, hire some attractive female sales people and get them to go out and sell your loss leaders. CL is a great tool to use to find them. Mobile is starting to get very big, and will only get bigger. Look how long it took business owners and corporations to finally get on the social media and internet bandwagon. Now is the time to get in on mobile and really dominate. Build your expertise in your local area and get your name out there. When the tidal wave hits, you have a real chance to make 100s of thousands, if not millions.


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Definitely the next big thing. There are some great courses out on the subject such as M0bile M0n0p0ly and others that I can't think of right now. Do some research and be ready to have some $ to play with.


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Ya mobile is definitely picking up steam, there are a lot of great ways to use it for bothh online and offline marketing. But there is still a lot of things that need to be worked out before it truly dominates. Check out what Japan is doing with their mobile industry to see whats coming here this year.