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Great post some really good information on here thanks I have only recently started to look at this I can see I need to look a little closer any information or links on how to actually do Mobile marketing ???



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@neford... yes there's plenty of info on that here at the forum.
Just do a search for mobile marketing and you'll have plenty
to choose from. They are super-easy to put together for the
right client. Once you have a winning campaign, the client
will keep coming back for more.

Good luck!
you have to take up the entire responsibility of marketing and managing the relationship with the clients of the small businesses you are targetting through sms campaigns etc.,
you can make more by potraying your self as a mobile marketing consultant than any other :)

you should be doing everything from making a mobile website, seo for it, sms marketing qr code marketing all that put together in one nice package should get you going a long way.
Really really awesome site. Shoulda come up with a main thread on mobile marketing and knowledge sharing sorta thing. I've been having minor success from building mobile sites with plenty of company. especially restaurants and any thing to do with service sector.

Just my 2 cents worth from my humble experience, a few of my successes comes from heading down to the restaurant of a family owned business/ quick snack bar's for a meal and then casually taking out my phone to ask if they place any directions on the site, and from there we proceed to asking if they knew about mobile web optimization and the subtle sales pitch begins. =D
Its really knowledgeable points you have here. Mobile marketing is an effective way to reach out to more customers. You should be prepared before delving into the world of mobile marketing. This includes thinking about your target audience and the marketing strategy you wish to use. Plan your strategy with your clients in mind, so you can create something that will entice them to patronize your goods and services.