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To Earn $3000/month

I guess I could start a personal journal here. Let's first do a prologue.

I'm from Brunei and am interested in making money. Over the years (since 2009), I have always looked around to find money (and this started when I didn't have a job until 3 years ago) ever since I graduated with a degree. I looked into Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping, Make Money Blogging, eCommerce, CPA, PPC, etc.

Today, I would like to set a few goals and then see if I actually made money in a span of 1 to 6 months. And here they are:

1. A local product searching website. - This website is all about products from all shops and stores in Brunei. Enabling consumers to find the products conveniently and answering the question "Where is the closest place to buy <Insert Product name>?". Revenue Method will be brainstormed after this is developed and filled via CrowdSourcing.

2. Forex. - This was a big trend in the early 2000. Thanks to my dad teaching me some of the basics, I know how to use indicators, do manual trading, day scalping, play by the news, forecasting by patterns, etc. Though because its unstable and at a low initial deposit ($1000), the income isn't so great (At most $60 a day, average $180 a week). Now moving into making it into an Expert Advisor but coding it takes a lot of time to make it stable.

3. Commission from online freelancing. - So I have my brother here. He doesn't work, doesn't find a job, doesn't make any money at all. Just eats, sleeps, play games and lives with my parents. So I have decided to work with him as an agent. I find him online contracts, he does the work, I take a small commission. Though his "self-discipline" and "motivation" to work is something to work on. Anyone got any good tips on whipping up a potential employee to have better working habits and changing his childish mindset?

I have several goals in mind but at the moment, I will be focusing on the above stated goals. So basically, its 2 potential passive income and one active income. Would love to work with someone on goal number 1 and 2.
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Day One

Goal 1: Update to my web project to start a little side income, I have been having a little trouble making the database structure as to how I want it to be. That and I left my web project (its all in an external HDD) in my other bag so FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!:mad:

Goal 2: I have not touched Forex for awhile but I however looked around the web to see if there's any better EA template for me to hack and tweak with. I looked at Babypips.com and to my pleasure, it's got a little more information that I needed to develop a Forex Strategy System. So aside from my manual indicators, i.e. Ichimoku Kinko Hyo + 2 RSIs (one at Level 2 and the other level 12), I may incorporate another indicator that would totally ensure that I go into the right signal to buy or sell and exit as appropriately. Will probably look into this further and while I'm at it, I'm downloading a really long and huge History FX Data Bank to my PC so I can do a really long backtest to the new EA System.

Goal 3: I hate my brother. Asked him to do something as simple as 3D modelling an air-conditioner or a ceiling fan and he still hasn't finished it. This request was made since last week. Till now, he never gets it done. Not sure if I should abandon this goal or not. Started getting second thoughts about this and just get him to apply to Government jobs instead of being a potential employee under my company. I guess that would be one less headache to deal with. What do you think?
Day Two

Goal 1: The web project is taking a little bit more form now than before. Though that's just the front-end and havn't done much or the backend yet. However, in order to keep myself on track and knowing what to do next can now be viewed over at Trello.
ManaBelurih Trello Project

That and just in case I don't deviate from the project tasks, I use a nifty little web app called Beeminder.

Goal 2: Havn't done anything for this FX EA Project yet.

Goal 3: Still not sure what to do with him.
Day Three

Goal 1: Part of this web project is so that I can leverage the money made from other businesses. Since its a product search engine and all. But before I do so, I have created a nice little format to hold their contact details to be displayed. Each business registration for verification is free. But what comes after is the opportunity to allow their business to receive online payments. This will probably kill my local online shopping giant (qqestore) and its competitor but, they gotta deal with it.

Database development is nearly done. I just need it to be imported to MySQL and then I can focus on the front-end. Here comes PHP and Twitter Bootstrap.

Goal 2: Instead of making one, I found a nice little website that goes along with an EA. The EA costs only USD $67 but I'm not sure if it works or not. However, I'm gonna buy the website too. Costs $5000 but I don't have the money yet. So instead, I am bidding for it. That's right. He's auctioning it off! The auction ends somewhere next month. So till then, I can focus on Goal No. 1.

Goal 3: Gave up. Moving on.
Day Seven

Goal 1: So importing MS Excel to Access and then export to .csv format and then import to MySQL was a B*tch! But at least thanks to MS Access, I got the relationship links between tables working. Moving on to the front-end development. A couple of pages down and then PHP work. Might see this up and live around next week or so.

Goal 2: Still waiting on winning the auction.
Day Nine

Goal 1: Still working on the responsive front-end side. Designing is easy. But the data it outputs (from a couple of sample row data in MySQL database table) doesn't seem to format to the way I wanted it. Maybe its just my table spreadsheet not working to how I want it to be. Kinda sucks.
Day 31

First of all, I would like to apologize that I hadn't come here as often as I should to update my journal. I blame the my ISP's [sarcasm]super fast and stable Internet Connection.[/sarcasm]

Second of all, I changed the title of this thread to a more definitive idea. Basically, its gonna be one income method with a twist in it.

Lastly, while the change in title, doesn't mean that I'll be changing my goal(s). After all, I can't just leave it be and go on my way to do something else. Though I do get bored easily if a project drags for too long.

Goal 1: After finishing up my website, I did some A/B testing. Apparently the Google Maps API doesn't work for my country, Brunei. Crap. Looking up on forums or Q&A sites to help me find what I can do to get the locations set in the maps to be more accurate.

Goal 2: I didn't win the auction a couple weeks ago. Simply because I didn't meet the "reserve bid" price over at http://flippa.com/ . And here I thought I could win it cheap. Moving on. I have decided to be thoroughly clear about the system that I'm building. By looking at some of the simple strategies, testing each one, see the drawdown and how many trades it can go. I found loads of these strategies at Forex Forum sites like Simple strategies | Forex Strategies & Systems Revealed and Forex Trading Information, Learn About Forex Trading . However, this may take a couple of weeks to accomplish or get anywhere close to the perfect system that I wanted. To the CodeBase!
I suggest look at breakout trades, their returns r low but profitable. I'll send u the link after I got home.

I'm also writing a journal. Check out my profile for thread.

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Day Thirty Two - And they still think I'm a programmer

Goal 1: Google Maps API is so hard. Now that I'm just playing pinpoint on locations on the map I have to re-study what I've learnt in school about latitudes and longitudes. I used to like Math until I took an arrow to the knee at 45 Degree angle with a velocity of over 9000.

Goal 2: Still working on it. Found a nice little labelling expert script in the MQL community. Elliot Waves labels - MQL4 Code Base The Elliot Wave Strategy isn't always accurate especially when you have to deal with a ranging market (I hate those situations). But if I mix this with Fibonacci, I might pull off a stable expert advisor. So I guess I have 2 idea systems here.

System 1: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo + 2 RSIs (RSI 2 & RSI 12). Determine the price reversals across 30min, 1 hr, 4hr, weekly & monthly, then trade. Usually works with USDJPY but I might back test this with another currency.

System 2: Use Elliot Wave's Concept + Trendline (or an intelligent way of counting bars for highest high + lowest high / lowest low + highest low over a span of #) + Elliot Wave Labelling Expert. Find the breakout (or price reversal), trade and take profit or stop loss.

I'm setting a standard to take profit at 30 pips. I might dabble that afterwards as part of the expert options along with System 2's span #.
Heads up the new trend is price action trading. Or specifically speaking naked trading. Have u done your search volume? Got your target audience? Attract audience thru paid r free traffic?

Follow fab turbo sales page n congregate your system n presentation from there. I know I will.

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So its been 2 years since my last update and see where have I gotten to? I had to re-read my goals to find how far I've gotten. So here's TL;DR update:

Goal #1: Switched from CrowdSourcing a Product Search Engine Site to something of a smaller scale. Less content, more functions and better community. A year ago, I joined a local ICT community to see if I can partner up. Found a small 4-man group who are specialists in different fields of ICT but together, not so much as they are all busy working at their jobs too. But looking at their leftover resources, I've decided to take up on their smallest project and push forward. I have successfully developed a local freelancing site, but its still in beta and may still have bugs in it. Still improving it though.

The idea here is that I build a website that functions like a simple task assignment, in exchange for monetary gain. I can do the task assignment, making sure that its under a freelancer and the client would be happy about it. The next catch is to develop a payment gateway that the locals can be happy and secure enough to send money across. The local bank has this payment gateway but its far from being fully developed yet. To be continued.

Goal #2: MATHAFIRETRUCKING ACHIEVED!! Made my EA, backtested it a few years and I can see that I can get a guarantee of 20% ROI with a potential of reaching 50% at some time. Made my FXBook to display the latest EA development here:

Side-goal: I contacted @accom05 about his traffic service. May prove useful for my existing business but we'll see. To be continued.