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Mar 30, 2011
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Hey guys,

I want to present > The tools kit every marketer should have , a website containing a selection of tools built by us for affiliate marketers. We currently have 11 tools and scripts, ranging from image manipulation to useful scripts. What's special about this is that we made them extremely easy to use, everything is guided on simple steps and of course, they all are working 100%.

They are free to use in beta version which ends in September, so please take a look:

Image resizer and cropper
Crop images ultra-fast and resize them on the fly to right dimensions.

Banner tweaker
Tweak your banners for better CTR by applying 10 different eye-catching effects to them.

Glossy image
Applies a glossy, stylish look to your images. Great for creating buttons and banners.

Image overlay
Add an overlay image(like logo, badges) over a batch of images.

Image finder
Search for images in about 15 different sources, saves a lot of time.

Complete aff networks list
A comprehensive list of most important Affiliate Networks with skype, phone and other details.

Geo location
Show current visitor location on your landing page(city, country). Boosts your conversion rates!

Geo redirection
Getting international traffic? Don't waste your traffic, redirect visitors to offers available in their countries.

Exit popup script
Easily apply and configure a working Exit popup script. Great for engaging leaving visitors.

Urgency countdown timer
A cool, yet simple script that allows you to increase urgency and get more conversions.

Cpa break even calculator
Handy tool that calculates ROI, profit and what CPC or CR you should achieve to break even.

Visit here: > The tools kit every marketer should have