Anyone Using eBay without Paypal?


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May 19, 2010
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Palo Alto
I found out eBay is rolling out a system where they're going to have an in-house Replacement for Paypal! in the next couple of years. (supposed to be Q1 2021, they said 2 years ago.. but let's be realistic! It's a Stranglehold)

Curious - Is anyone else doing this? Using eBay Without Paypal whatsoever?

Did it affect your Sales?? Conversion rate?

How long did it take to Get In?

Paypal Sucks! i mean it really sucks.

It's not just me.. It's everybody. It's an unregulated, Depostory institution (A Bank) that abuses everyone. And sits nice & high on its Monopoly. Ever notice AMZN has 3x the Market share? Why the f*** did Elon leave it to those Idiots??! ( To Destroy? It's running eBay into the ground!

Have $100k more Inventory, I'm not going to let PP get their hands on any of that money. I've yet to contact eBay and asked to be inducted into the "Program". I heard, there's a waiting period? And people on youtube have mixed views of it. But I Cannot use eBay without this! I'm Banned by Paypal, those money grubby Assholes, who stole all my revenue, when I did nothing but get happy customers. So I said "Fuck em All!" and will do my own eCommerce platform. but, fucking eBay I really enjoyed selling with them!

I hope Bitcoin CashApp & WePay or similar CRUSHES Paypal! (I'm not even going to use the correct form of their name "PayPal".. it's not your "pal". They're your enemy!)