AssetStream - Short-term investments. Up to 100$ free upon completing welcome campaign


Jan 6, 2012
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Sup everyone, back again to help try and make you some easy money.

AssetStream is a new crypto project offering short-term (7-30 days) and long-term (1-3 years) investment opportunities.
You won't be able to cash out instantly, and you will need to work trough 4x7 days to complete the welcome campaign. So here is how everyone can do it:

1. Register through this referral link:
2. Complete verification process. That will include a photo of your ID, a selfie with ID in hands and electronically signing a document allowing AssetStream to manage your invested capital. (Money AssetStream gave you)
3. In 24 hours upon completing the verification process, you will receive 2000 AST cryptocurrency which you can not withdraw or convert to withdraw. We will use it to invest in a 7 day project.
4. After receiving 2000 AST you need to press on bright blue button stating "Claim your 8000 AST reward". (
5. We start investing in 7-day projects for 4 times. Every completed cycle of 7 days gives you 1000 AST and after completing all 4 cycles you will receive an additional 2000 AST. In addition, you will get payments from your investment every 15 minutes. Those payments may be converted to BTC and withdrawn, but I suggest you re-invest it.

I personally have been reinvesting my entire balance into short term 7-day projects

And that is it. We complete all four cycles and we have at least 10 000 AST in our account, which everyone can choose to withdraw or reinvest in further projects for more revenue.

Good luck!
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