Autopilot Money! No Investment Required! You cannot refuse this!


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May 18, 2012
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Hey everyone,

*** Due to maximum amount of images, I have replaced some of the images with the URL. Click on it to see them.***
Most of you know about the Bitcoin currency already and how to mine it.
Although I have added a small 'new' bonus in this method.
All you have to do is follow this guide, let your computer run aslong as you can, cash out dem money!

Right now 1 Bitcoin (BTC) = $97.50 !

Seems like quite alot for only 1 bitcoin. Don't expect to be making a few BTC's per day though (Except if you invest in these extremely powerful mining rigs.)

Anyways lets get started:

Step 1.)
Go to this site
And sign up.

Step 2.) Go to the 'worker' tab and make a new account
Something like this:

Step 3.) Download this 'GUIMiner' over here

Step 4.) Install/Extract it somewhere on your desktop and Run it.

You should see something like this: (If you get a message saying no open cl devices you need to update your drivers for your grapghics card. If you don't know what type you have open start and type dxdiag and you should find it.)

Step 5.) Go to File -> New Miner -> New OpenCL Miner
Step 5b.) Give it any name, doesn't really matter.

Step 6.)
Click For Image

You should have something like that.
Now change slush's pool to TripleMining, from the dropdown box.
Like this:
Click For Image

Step 7.)
Fill in username and the password.
You can find the username and password at the 'Worker' tab on the site.
Something like this:

In this case: Vampirion_CoolWorker is the Username
And bla is the Password.

Step 8.)
Select the amount of cores you want to mine with, ofcourse the more cores you select the faster you will mine and the more BTC you will earn.

Step 9.)
You are all done now, you will be mining once you click 'Start mining!' (You should be hearing your computer then.)
Now the bonus you get by doing this method is we will get a 1% share of ALL the miners in the pool.
I will then do a weekly split to a random miner, which could be you.
If we have enough people in the pool, the higher the reward.
See it as a Lottery, but then 100% free.

And to make it even better, the site itself host their own weekly jackpots.
Which is around 0.45 BTC to 2 BTC every week(75$ - 200$).
ANYONE can win that. So the chance is lower that you'll win that jackpot than the 'jackpot' from me.

Now go and do some mining!

If you need ANY help cashing out. Ask me on here. (Prefferably in this topic.)


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Aug 1, 2013
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sounds good gonna try this one once i tweak my cpu



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Oct 17, 2010
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Charleston, SC
I remember bitcoins.... I used to try and get them to buy things off the silkroad black market.

I did a bit of research on bitcoin mining and apparently you need an online "wallet" to keep them in. Does your site provide a wallet or will I have to create on elsewhere?
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