BEST Scrapebox alternative

What is the best scrape box alternative preferably a free one(Yea i know scrape box is cheap but understand i cannot even afford that much).


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I'm not fond of using SEO software user, I'm satisfied with white hat techniques in optimizing my sites. I know that some SEO softwares are very helpful in driving and increase traffic faster. But some of it are not so effective to give a 100% assurance of getting enough backlinks that you really want. That's why I still pursue to do some manual SEO techniques like link building and article & video submission. I'm not saying that SEO software are not quite effective but I'm pointing out that I still want to follow search engine rules and policies in a right way.

Regarding scrapebox, is searching it in Google with the keyword of "scrapebox free download" does not lead to get it for free? I think just have strong Google-fu and you'll get what you want. Thanks!


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get yourself a copy of cracked senukeX if your just after backlinks,there is also a copy of xrumer floating about , 'seek and ye shall find',