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Whats up MMD Blillard here with a project that I'm starting and want to share my journey with you all. Been doing a lot of offline stuff in my area these days but I've Been inspired reading all these journals on solo ads and how well everyone is doing. Smelzter and Bizz are killing the game right now and its only going to get better for them.

Anyways I'm not posting this to jump on that bandwagon (yet) but one that is similar in nature and that is selling targeted traffic.

Man we all know we need that s*** to be successful online, I don't care what you have to offer, without traffic it might as well be a paper weight lol.

I dug up an old thread located in the VIP sections made by Smeltzer himself on how to sale this kind of traffic. Now its a bit old but the concepts still apply today. If you're VIP go check out the thread.

I'll be reselling pop-under and expired domain traffic from various suppliers that I'll be testing out the next couple days to see their quality.

I'll be updating this thread as I go along and so we all can see how long it's take to start earning $$$.

I don't know what it is about services but i cant stay away from them lol.


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Man it is the SAME thing as I am doing. Yes I am selling email clicks but in the end it is ALL traffic. You can sell your type of traffic just as fast as I am selling clicks. You got an edge. As I have been there and done that.

People are off put about selling traffic and you will have time wasters contact you but you just have to break it down easy for them. Hey man do you have a 1.00 or more a click to spend on adwords? Do you feel like spending 100.00 to get 100 adword clicks on people who may not buy your stuff? Why not spend 20 with me and get 1k (or more depending on who you are reselling through). When you break it down for them they usually see the upside to buying your traffic.

Just keep a cool head use a common sense approach to selling and you will do amazing. Welcome to the world of Ecommerce. Where the sky is the limit in this business. Leave the methods behind and start building your future.

Good Luck man!


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Thanks Smeltzer your words are alwYs a boost in motivation. I decided im going roll with to serve my traffic. They have the best rates imo and other services that will let me scale my business up in the future.

I already have resller hosting that ive had for a while now. I pay $5.99 a month for it through site rack, i found them on ebay.

Once i decide on my domain name ill register it through godaddy and use a $.99 coupon code and apply for the program. Should get this done today.

Ill update once i get word on my acceptence. At this point my total cost are $6.98
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