buying backlinks good or bad??

depends on what u buy :D

google hates automated links like bookmarks, profies that u make with software (1 blast = 1000's of links)

if you want to buy, then buy SAPE links or Guest Post Links that are done manually.
I think good or bad is depends on what backlinks do you buy...
I never buy any backlinks, all the backlinks of my web is all by myself, i can teach you the method, just find a good competitor's web, then check its backlinks by, then do backlinks to the webs the site show.
There is no any problem with buying back links. Buying back links is a good thing but the links should be powerful and good in quality.
According to me buying back links is not a good way we must get back links by natural ways like directory submission and social bookmarking and article submission. Because Google give preference to the back links that are made by normal ways.
Buying back links are good and i don't think so there is any problem with buying quality back links. There are many people who paid for getting quality back links on their site.


buying backlinks is a BAD idea - there is no GOOD buying backlinks. The best things you can buy is a decent SEO service from a trusted company.

A trusted SEO company that builds backlinks will maintain control of the backlinks, so if penguin or pande is to hit you you can control the effect.

You can rank any page decenly on low compitition niches with GREAT on page seo and to develop a brand around your site. Enage wth your visitors, dont be scared to ask them to like your page or tweet. Also be active on social platforms.

Ive been building sites now for three years and EVERY BACKLINK I have ever baught came and bit me in the ASS....

So if you going to buy backlinks - dont post "How to Recover from Penguin" best is to avoid it

my two cents.
Most important is what kind of back-links you want to buy blogs or forums. You should see the background of person from which you are purchasing them.
Quality backlinks are links which are obtained from high PR sites with your links relevancy. They are considered as non-**** according to Google guidelines. A quality backlink is a backlink that links to your web site utilizing your keywords or keyword saying, and furthermore appears on a Web location that has the identical theme or alike content topic as your own world wide web site.
Try some quality backlinks from, its the best SEO marketplace
hello dear : in brief
1_ use backlink manually
2_if you want use high quality networks about backlink
3_ to be num 1 and beat competitors must your content king and then patience _ old domain name = success & get more visitors
In my opinion based from the last penguin update, Google now can detect if you're buying backlinks and it would be bad for your site. Competitors can also report if they will know that your buying backlinks.


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buying backlinks, any type of them is by default a blackhat method. But it may be the only one to get you up in rankings cause if you wait for google to rank will never happen. Just make sure you buy quality backlinks, from services that already have reviews or at least look serious and offer what you need. yes fiverr is not a good option if you are trying to rank your money site.
I personally don't buy backlinks. Tjere are so many great places where you can get the quality links for free....


Ps I also like to sleep at night :)

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Backlinks are thought to be truly paramount in the web business industry in the range of website improvement.

A definitive conclusion on whether or not to try for purchasing backlinks rest with the electronic entrepreneurs as it consolidates both solid pros and cons. They will weigh down their necessities and its best impacts.
To buy backlinks is ok, but from where you are buying and quality of the backlinks matters a lot. Because there are so many websites on the web which offers backlinks but they are not good quality wise, so it will not work for you, even you can be penalized by Google.
But according to me I suggest you simply go with Pure white hat techniques rather than buying.