C++ for absolute beginners


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I found this book recently for C++ programming which starts you from the

basics of programming advancing to complicated game programming. It seems

like a very good book to learn from so I figured I'd share it with all of you. I

am not sure if it was uploaded here before as I am pretty new to MMD but

here it is if you are interested.

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Coding is not my field, tried to learn it and gave up, frustrating and surely not for me :) I'm more of SEO.

But learning C++ can be very useful and good $$.


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Coding is tough. I have come a long ways in my programming venture since posting this up here. I actually started with Javascript, once I got the basics down like variables, control structures and loops things seemed to make a bit more sense. I spent some time learning Php as well. The two languages are very similar in syntax. If you are really serious about learning you can check out this site: eClasses.org , I have taken several classes from here and they are the best I have found as far as affordable online classes where you can ask the teacher questions and follow a curriculum. I take college classes now and some of the teachers I had from Eclasses taught me way more than the teachers I have in college where I am paying $1200 per class. If you get an IWA membership for $50 a year. It cuts the price of the classes in half. I think I payed about $120 for the Php beginners class.

I think it is important that I say I have no affiliation with Eclasses, I don't get anything from directing you there. I just know how frustrating it is getting started programming. Check online for reviews, I am sure I'm not the only one saying this about E-classes.org. Anyhow, good luck and if you decide to go this route, I suggest starting with Javascript as I did, it will teach you the basics that will apply to all programming languages just with subtle differences.


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The only ones I took from Eclasses was Javascript beginner and intermediate and intro to Php. For web development only though I like Tutsplus.com, they have really up to date content and the one teacher Jeffrey Way does a great job. You will learn an enormous amount there. I pay like $19 a month, it is well worth it though for all the courses they have. The Jquery course there is solid. I learned a ton especially with doing Ajax calls and templating.


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Yep, tutsplus is good. I've come a long ways from coding as well. I was here in November 2010, didn't know anything, not even HTML. As I followed some methods I had to learn how to code more and more myself because I couldn't afford to outsource it. I made like 10 different sites (mostly landing pages) and learned through that (I wasn't very good - but I could do something).

I started reading nettuts, not really following the tutorials but rather the tips / technologies they mentioned. I gained a lot of theoretical knowledge which I found out is very important in programming, because after a while of reading and not really making any new sites, I made a new site and it compared much better than the ones I made before. I made like 3 more impressive-design sites and here I am now, I can turn any design you give me into beautiful semantic HTML5 and CSS3 code.

I learned the object oriented paradigm through PHP. I never really understood OOP for a while, even after reading through a couple books and having a friend (who is taking college classes in c++) help me. Then (through nettuts) I heard about this thing called CodeIgniter, which is a framework for PHP, and forces you to use some object oriented stuff. I made my first "big site" in codeigniter, and I kind of got an idea for what OOP was. I read another book, PHP Cookbook by O'Reilly, which gave you all these examples of how OOP could be used and it all finally clicked. I read a lot more and coded more in OOP and now here I am helping that same friend that tried to help me understand some aspects of it!

After reading a couple chapters in a textbook (Computer Organization & Design) I got from the library, I understood the aspects of assembly and how compilers work, and how code works on general. Now my goal is to eventually learn assembly, and with a bit of memorization learn how to code in binary :).


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Php Object oriented solutions is a great book too. I am taking a class on Java in September, I think learning a language that it is required to code in OOP will solidify my knowledge of OOP. So far like you I have been learning languages that you could get away writing procedural code, even though Javascript is an Object oriented language you really dont need to code in OOP unless you want to. With Jquery you don't even need to know much about programming to get stuff done. I read somewhere once that you need to just keep learning new stuff and that every language will teach you something new about programming as a whole. I can testify to this fact, when I learned Php it made things clearer for me with stuff I struggling with in Javascript so even though they are two completely different languages Php helped me progress in Javascript. Anyhoot, glad to hear about someone else going through the same struggles I am, best of luck to you:)
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