Can I make money off youtube. ( Music)


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Nov 29, 2011
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Santa Ana
So I have gotten 2 strikes with youtube before and my strikes has gone away this month. Wow it was such a long wait. I wanted to make this channel a hip hop music page. Of sometimes singles but mostly their whole full length album. There is a mixtape that I have and I know I am the only one that have it up. His name is Logic. It's his very first one. Before the one he put out to the public. I got a hand of it. So these views just kept going up and up. I couldnt put ads because of the strikes. I was thinking how can I have do this music mixtape without getting strikes from youtube for copyright? I was thinking just put a download link and have people go to my page then download. Is it possible to make money without anyone buy any product? I have not made any money from google adsense. I'm still new into IM but I have read so many threads and notes. Can someone help?