Can someone thoroughly explain the procedures to this cpa content locker method?


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May 15, 2012
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I seen this viral video a few weeks ago on fake fb profile of mines. About Nicki Minaj sex tape, it appears to be a screenshot of a music video that she was in which actually aired on regular television so therefore really isn't a sex tape at all, but the title of video was scandalous of course to capture someones attention easily. In able to view the fake video the users has to click share so their friends could see it and share it also causing it to eventually go viral, then after sharing it with friends, the video opens up page in a new tab, then the user is forced to select and complete a survey to win a prize(cpa offer) to verify they're old enough and remove the age restriction to view the shocking video. I would like to know more about this and who can i hire(as in skill set wise) to set this up for some similar cpa offers. Is this an incentivized method or blackhat method? Also note i have programmers available but i don't know what to tell them etc

I placed the links to screenshots i took to help clarify the above method in question