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Username: demo Password: demo

CashLinkz is a link locking site, works similar to Share-Cash apart from our script locks links
Hence the name Cash"Linkz"!
What are the advantages of locking links? There is NO upload limit! NO Restrictions on what you can lock! and more...


Require any support installing ect... be sure to google first other wise feel free to ask here or pm.

- Jordan


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How about you provide info before we remove the download link?
DO NOT upload things here with the full intent to gain referrals.

If you wish to share, share some info about the script. Don't just provide a download link to something hoping you get some referrals from your pdf.
Consider this your last warning!

Jordan UK

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@Algprice Hostgator is recommended, or just host for as there cheap.

@Noxon Default the script only works with CPAlead but you can modify the script to work with other networks.



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Thanks for answering my question... now I wonder if there is some guide on how to modify this script? Sorry... just am really bad with codes!

thanx in advance ;)
I hope you dont mind me commenting in this forum as i came across a company thats paying as you would do for your initial CPA and also they market to your customer so you get paid over and over this is the real deal

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