cheap twitter followers no password required


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if you are interested in purchasing twitter followers without following i am offering a very cheap service my packages are

100 twitter followers for 5$
300 twitter followers for 8$
500 twitter followers for 15$

1000 + twitter followers for 25$

your twitter username ONLY will be required after payment is complete

all followers will be random and cannot be niche targetted or geo targeted

the refund policy is as follows: a screen shot is taken before and after the followers have been added to your twitter account. unfortunately there is no refund for after followers have followed, it is your job to keep them interested i can only guarantee that X amount will be added.

message me on aim or skype name hurpies to expedite the purchase process

only verified paypal payments are accepted


Make Money Online
You wont find a better Twitter service than this guy. He makes sure your accounts dont get killed and gives you real people not fake accounts.

Thread Approved!

Hey pal ,

Really interested in ur services , but i am new to all this Twitter Marketing stuff , no , is there any risk of getting ur account ban or something.

If there no such risk , then i would like to take the 1000+ Package.

Please PM me with ur payment info..



Make Money Online
there is always a risk but i try to minimize it, please pm me your username so i can review it.

can contact me on aim or skype name hurpies