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Ahh, rules change and no one knows, not even the people that you are working with there.

I've been having money, or so I thought, go in to an account I don't track, letting the funds build up for a planned project. The checks were supposed to be being deposited in a bank account by some of my workers.

On the 29th of December 2009 I get a referral in on their system. This was something the AM, my employees, and myself talked about often. On the 29th we started the company that was the referral, we double checked everything.

So I think I am building up these funds...
My mistake was to let it run on auto pilot with others doing the work.

My other mistake was to not get a referral in writing. If you do not and they change the rules three days later you are just screwed.
Make sure that you get it in writing for every referral that you have, well, at COPEAC anyway.

Never thought I'd see the day you had to get a damned CPA network to place something like that in writing, but, you have to with these people. Cover your butts or lose out. Get an agreement signed with these people that states everything, least the rules change.

Their communications skills are, roughly, pathetic.
Both in this case, and, in running a CPA network using their offers.
We lost thousands due to offers changing, and not being told. We had to hire someone just to keep track of COPEACs changing stuff.

I lost thousands with their hiding behind rule changes when full, or what I thought were full, communications did not relay possible rule changes that were coming up there to hinder the plans.

Their logic is faulty.

If you are referring people to COPEAC start pestering your AMs for getting everything in writing today.


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The short version.

COPEAC screwed me, and several people in the same position as me.

They say one thing, then change their rules three days later.


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Who is this COPEAC that we need to be aware of
What dose COPEAC stand for.
I only want to know so that I don't make the same mistake in the future sometime
and can also warn others if I hear that they are getting mixed up with them.
PS:- If it is illegal to post their full name here could please send me a personal message! Thanks


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COPEAC is a CPA network . If you are new to IM,it would take some time for you understand wat we all are talking about ...