Couple of Ideas


Make Money Online
1. Sign up with a pay day loan offer, then make flyers that say something like "Get $1500 Cash Today! Goto" (made that up). Then go to your local unemployment office, welfare office, etc and put the flyers on all the cars.

2. Sign up with a "How to get chicks" ebook or system, make up flyers that something like "Are You Going Home Without A Girl Tonight? As Soon As You Get Home Go To (made that up) to learn how to take the hottest girl in the club home every time!". Find the most popular night clubs and then put the flyers on all the cars. Or if you're brave sit outside at 2am when the club closes and pass out the flyers to the guys who are leaving alone. :)

3. Find a company looking for people to do telemarketing from home. Like for instance I just found one on CL, it's a security guard service that wants to find new clients, and they pay $35 to $50 just for an appointment to be made for one of their sales reps to go sell it. Once you have a good one go sign up with and put up a job offer for someone to do telemarketing. With Google Voice and Skype people from all over the world can do this, and there's a lot of them that speak good English. What I do is tell them I need someone who can call between certain time and MUST be able to speak clear English. Then I tell them to call a voice mail and read the first paragraph of my pitch that I send them. That way it makes it real easy to make a decision. Oh, and most of them will do it for $1 to $2 an hr, and give them a $5 bonus if they get the appointment, they're very happy with that. I have tried this one myself and it did work....

I should be in bed right now, but I can't sleep. I'm a full fledged freak.... I thought I had another idea but it slipped my mind. Damn it!