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May 20, 2013
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Cubis Media Ads

Network Description:

Cubis Media Ads the first private network in Eastern Europe. At us there are a lot of various the offer from Russia, the USA, and other countries. We will be glad to see you as publishers in our network.

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Weekly, Net 15, Net 30

Payment Method:

Paypal, Check, Wire,

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Question: What kind of support do you offer?

Answer: The best in the world.

Question: A lot of affiliates give up if their fist campaign is a bust, what do you recommend in these situations

Answer: Trying to force in the new companies. We will help set up correctly!

Question: How old are you and where are you from?

Answer: 24 years old, Russia, now living in the U.S.

Question: Do you have any international offers?

Answer: Yes

Question: If you had to pick...who would you say was your mentor -or- where did you learn the ropes of CPA Marketing?

Answer: I am a self-taught

Question: Walk us through a day in your life...

Answer: Work work and work again. All for your success

Question: Our industry is known for some overnight success stories, do you have any you can share with us?

Answer: Yes rookie has earned us over 10 thousand dollars a week. Now it is the largest publisher

Question: What was the highest conversion you've ever seen on an offer and what do you think contributed to its success?

Answer: $ 10,000 Our team was very helpful person. Now he thanks us

Question: What are you looking for in affiliates? Who is your ideal publisher?

Answer: The best editor is an honest publisher, which ensures clean traffic. We are pleased to welcome these from us. And guarantee the highest payouts

Question: What is the first commission you ever earned?

Answer: 200$

Question: Do you run any of your own offers? If so, can you give us some tips?

Answer: 365DayLoads, start it has good conversion;)

Question: We love your Network did you come up with it?

Answer: Just the first name that came to mind

Question: How did you first get started?

Answer: 23May 2012

Question: Tell us about one of your best Affiliate Success Stories..

Answer: Yes rookie has earned us over 10 thousand dollars a week. Now it is the largest publisher

Question: What are some reasons publishers should jump on board with you?

Answer: We have one of the best supports in the world. We value each publisher. So our service is truly one of the best.