Dating Bot Jenny she walks she talks she converts :)


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Why's everything so difficult with these programmes, and dont tell me to read the home page when your a newbie its double dutch, if these computer guys where so smart they would develop something people can use.


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Sorry to bring up an old thread.. Have a quick question though..
I'm not very familiar with mirc scripting, and I was just wondering what the best way to silence the bot would be.
As in once it talks a little and posts the aff link, what is the best way to make it quit talking to that person.


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I am very impressed by your bot Smeltzer :)

You got a more advanced version by now that you might wanna share/sell? That would be very much appreciated here :)


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thanks smeltzer

but i think it need some tweaks...
i just tested this and it seems it auto ads prospects id but it doesnt reply at all :( maybe i did something stupid, any help?
hey trying this out on IRC, I modified it a bit so that it took a bit more initiative.

Most of these old perverts are looking to yahoo cam/skype /w Jenny.

Anyone tried things like rebuttals? etc?

Still, its still early in the test. If I can make a couple of $$ on autopilot im pretty darn happy.