Do you know the 12 Breeds of Clients and How to Work With Them?


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anybody considering offering services should read this , It so bloody true everything he says


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about 75% of clients are a pain in the arse. unless you are able to kiss arse i suggest you avoid dealing with them.
LOL angelas111... I know what you mean because it sure can seem that
way at times.

Actually it's good to know how to deal with certain personality types and
you can do it without kissing butt while making a great living. The fun
part is when you win them over because these turn out to be the best
repeat customers. And my repeat customers are about 50% of my

Now as for the ones who are so difficult to work with, which is closer
to about 10% for me, I would have no problem walking away from the


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This was a pretty interesting read, and I know I was like.. Holy Sheet, I have dealt with that kind, and that kind, And that You get the picture.

I get the #6 and #8 more often than I would like.


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I read this and it helped me out a lot! Never seen that site before, going to be browsing through that website more often now.


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This is a great article, so true, ive dealt with a handful of these so called biz owners. But once you find the ones that you can work with it makes the whole consulting business a wonderful experience. However it takes a lot of coal to truly find the diamonds. My advice, constantly up your rates and fire the bottom 80% keeping the top 20% every 6 months, in a year or 2 you will have a dozen of amazing clients that constantly pay you month after month, and the best part is you really dont have to do much work to keep them happy. Enabling you to focus on other businesses or projects.



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Approach everyone you meet with sincere love and caring in your heart, and absolute interest in the real person behind the mask. Let your chi energy be a focused beam that simply drills down past all pretense and defensiveness. The approach is pleasurable. Your concern is with that person's well being; not your own vanity!

Clients are not "breeds". They are all people, and they almost all suck up an honest, caring approach like a sponge. The few who don't are not worth worrying about, and will later regret their rejection of your approach.


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Awesome share... I like how he posted a remark on how to deal with each one. Very good advice here. I'll take the "Always Appreciative" anytime! lol...
@ Catcher - I value your approach or perspective. People behave dysfunctionally as a way to cope or survive the wounds or pain they feel. By accepting and understanding you 1. don't trigger off or stimulate their worst fears AND 2. give them what we all appreciate which is to seek to understand and accept them as they are.