Earn up to 2,000 BTC per month with our affiliate program

We are glad to introduce you Jambler.io – the first platform that enables users to create their own Bitcoin mixer from scratch and start capitalize on cryptocurrency anonymization services. We assume all technical issues like operational assets and usage of mixing mechanism – all you need is to register and start earning money.

The platform ties three categories of people: end users, partners and investors. End users are provided with a high quality anonymization service and, partners and investors got their interest.

We are quite flexible when it comes to commission fee, turnaround time, usage of multiple withdrawal addresses etc.

We are ready to answer all questions about our platform. Contact us at [email protected]
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Anyone can become our partner and create a white label bitcoin mixer in Clearnet/TOR/ or telegram channel using Jambler.io platform. To start, a partner needs a hosting server and a domain name, the platform provides partners with a website template and Jambler.io support team is ready to assist with all issues. It is up to partners to attract cryptocurrency audience to the website. A partner sets a commission fee for mixing services and gets his/her money at the withdrawal address(es) specified while registering in Jambler.io. To get more information about benefits from being our partner, please follow the link https://jambler.io/become-partner.php
Jambler.io is a novice in cryptocurrency industry, the platform was launched only a couple of months ago. Definitely, we had a successful start as we have already four partners who have launched their white label mixers based on Jambler.io platform and are running successful businesses right away. Our affiliates are all listed on Mix Coins page of Jambler.io official website.

Starting a new website, especially when it comes to embedding a cryptocurrency mixing algorithm, is not an easy matter. However, we in Jambler.io are always trying to make the experience of using our mixing services a no-brainer for our partners. We drafted comprehensive instructions for our partners in order not to push you away from the very beginning. Here they are https://jambler.io/howto.php
Starting the end of October, it is safe to say that in order to set up a Jambler-based mixer, all that our partners are going to need is an intention of having one.
Jambler.io will be rolling out its new Mixer-as-a-Service model and, therefore, taking care of hosting costs and tech support of your mixer and Telegram bot. For the Clearnet version of a bitcoin mixer, partners would have to obtain a domain name. For the Tor-mirror version, we would only need to know up to first seven characters of a preferred domain name, or Jambler partners can deal with Tor on their own. For Telegram bots, we would need your Telegram token. All the setup is on us. We in turn are expecting at least one paid transaction within the span of the first 3 months made through your mixer.
To register your interest and do a pre-order of the new feature, drop a “+” in our Telegram chat (t.me/jambler) or contact [email protected] with the “MaaS Pre-Order” subject line.
Jambler.io ties three categories of people: partners, investors and end users. Who are they?

- Partner – everybody who is willing to launch a Jambler-based bitcoin mixer and start capitalizing on cryptocurrency anonymization services
- Investor – a company or individual who invests money on the platform and get an interest
- End-user – a bitcoin holder who wants to keep privacy and do not disclose his/her bitcoin transaction history

Every participant gets his/her benefits. What are they?

- For partners: an opportunity to achieve a turnover of $1 million in 3-4 months
- For investors: a chance to increase income by getting a commission from end-users
- For end-users: a unique opportunity to receive clean money from cryptocurrency stock exchanges
It is no longer a secret that bitcoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, does not guarantee its holders total anonimity. No one can easily identify a person’s name, physical address, or email, but a person’s identity can still be tracked down using public address info and IPs.
However, those who are geeking out over bitcoin resort to different tips and tricks to have an opportunity to safely and anonymously use his/her coins.

  • Tor- Onion Router
  • Usage of Logless VPN
  • Usage of New Address for Transactions
  • Buying/Selling Bitcoins in Cash
  • Join market
  • Bitcoin mixing

Bitcoin mixing being the last in the list however can be considered the most reliable way to keep privacy and do not disclose the histrory of transactions. Mixing breaks the link between Bitcoin addresses by either creating temporary addresses or by swapping coins with other addresses of the same value. This makes the trail hard to follow on the blockchain.

Bitcoin mixing industry offers a highly beneficial business opportunity. Bitcoin mixers holders get from 2 to 5 % commission for the service. We in Jambler.io can launch a new standalone white label mixer or integrate it into exisitng source of traffic. Our clients pay us nothing and We in turn are expecting at least one paid transaction within the span of the first 3 months made through a new mixer.

Join our partner network now and start earning money with no investments.
Having been dominating the cryptomarket for 10 years, bitcoin has experienced a prolonged price-slide since the beginning of the year, and now BTC’s price rolled back to the level of October 2017. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time when bitcoin loses nearly 90% of its value.

While many cryptocurrency bulls are in quandary or even panic, trying to figure out what to do with their funds, seasoned experts work to understand the real reasons of progressed decrease of BTC's price. Although the exact reason for the market plummet has not been agreed upon, the experts suggested some potential factors such as the Bitcoin Cash hard fork which occurred in mid-November , uncertain traditional global markets, banning of all cryptocurrency related ads by Google as well as tightening of the related authorities control. All this pushes small private miners to leave the coin market as they will not be able to survive in the tight competition.

It seems that cryptomarket is in chaos, and here people are divided into two camps: some people are predicting the price of bitcoin to fall to zero soon and the death of the most popular cryptocurrency. Other people are positive about bitcoin’s future. The latest argue in favor of the idea of decentralized peer-to-peer currency what is too appealing to be dropped after almost a decade of existing.Many optimistic experts predict that the price of bitcoin will rise up to $ 20,000 or even more in 2019 what will be possible due to the entrance of more institutional investors in the space. A new bull run will also likely be driven by the launch of products by institutional companies such as Fidelity, Bakkt, Square and BlackRock.

We see long-term potential of bitcoin and strongly believe that in 2019 we will run into bullish market. What are your ideas?