Easy Money on Facebook with your Fanpage

hi I am from Germany and use Google Translate
I want to introduce you today Fan2Cash
Fan2Cash is very active and well visited in Germany

What is Fan2Cash?
Fan2Cash is an online provider of pay you for the items of images / puzzle / Sexy Pics / Funny pictures / videos on your Facebook fan page
$ 4.00 / TK
$ 3.00 / TK
$ 3.00 / TK
3,00 € / TK
That is 1000 clicks on your link you've gepostest you get $ 3-4 you also need nothing by hand items but it will all be automatically posted
Check it out yourself just to I wish you much success


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Hi from germany :)

On your german offer i see higher offers in euro than in dollar...

If i would sign in from germany, which offer is valid for me?

kind regards (oder freundliche Grüsse :) )
from the looks of it the site looks like scam beware of it?

plus i don'tsee any reviews of that site paying..

I see some porns there also..

beware of this fake sites promotions... reported...