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Mar 8, 2018
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EroticCoin was born to value the time people spend their time watching TV and other applications and rewarding others when they make money.

EOC is a single coin that works through applications by running add-ons on smartphones, PCs and TVs, interacts with links, videos and photos viewed and rewards users through EOC.

People watching TV are often criticized for being lazy, addicted, and antisocial. However, a modest amount of television can be educational, and in today's era, watching through erotic coins can be rewarded and earned.

This white paper introduces Erotic Coin, a new blockchain for video viewing networks around the world. Erotic Coin's mission is to help generate more revenue from viewing content.

Build a new model for viewers to trade directly on the blockchain, eliminating the need for an intermediary.

How it works


Whether you are a graduate, a parent, a volunteer, a leader, a fan, or want to join a community-based approach to the collaborative economy, you can participate daily in the association of your choice by watching & sharing videos of interest to you and get an exciting return in the form of erotic coins.

EOC is a single coin that operates through its application by carrying out an add on its smartphone, pc, TV, interacts with any link, video, the photo that is watched, rewarding the user via EOC. Send EOC yourself; all you have to do is download the Pepper application and record yourself. This is possible because 80% of the tokens are blocked until the app leaves.

Pepper has the function of Wallet, payments, video sharing, the possibility of making EOC gain through daily missions.

Only 20% will be distributed in the ICO, 80% will be given as a premium to holders of 20%. Possibility of integrating the add-on with YouTube caliber sites, HBO GO, Netflix, Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and any video share content site. Big-calibre partnership coming in.

The ICO start on 15 January and finish on 15 February. On the 17 February EOC will listed on 5 Exchanges. The name will revealed when ICO starting. On ICO you have a bonus of 20%.

Example: you send 1 ETH = receive 50.000 EOC +20%

Total: 60.000 EOC

Will be listed to 0.03$.

This is a great platform! It offers great potential for earning side cash I did almost nothing but look at the box!

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