Finally made a decision~! Goal : $2,500 / month Method of choice is ......


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Hello...again. I have FINALLY made a decision on what method I should use to make my first steps towards making money online.

So as of now, my goal down the road is to make 2500 dollars a month aka 89 dollars a day.

And I wish to do so predominately by.....TA DAH! FORUM MARKETING.

I have already picked the niche I want to market and plan on joining forums related to that niche very soon.

There are also several items on clickbank based on my niche so I plan on promoting those on forums when the time is right.

If anyone out there has had experience or success with forum marketing and has any advice they would like to provide, I would appreciate it greatly.

Also, is using clickbank as a affiliate company still profitable?

Thank you all so much for your time and I will continue to update HERE from now on.

Until next time MMD'ers.


Yes build up your presence in a forum before adding your signature. I would get up to 25-50 posts per forum before hand to show that you are not just there to **** but you actually are gaining rep with great quality posts.


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Thanks for all of the support everyone. I really appreciate it. I will continue to update and let you know when Im making steps. :) :eek:ff to look for tips on forum marketing on MMD:


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Look forward to seeing your results, forum marketing does indeed work but only if your tactful in your approach. Just remember every Niche is different and so are the communities built around them. Be sure to also look at it in other ways, think outside of the box.
I see you said your going straight from Niche to finding forums, you can also look at it another way. Its easy to locate some large message boards and actually find opportunity staring right back at you, all you have to do is sign up, find a product or offer that fits the needs of that forum and start gaining authority.

In some cases you might even find a few quality posts do the trick, for example:

Niche 'Health Food'
A quality post in the right section on a high traffic forum outlining a story involving
-Weight loss
-A good recipe you use,
-Your progress
- Where you want to be and what your using to get there

This can actually do the trick all on its own and the best part is any of those parts to the post can be filled with info on the product/offer your promoting and it drives the forum traffic back time and again as people will bookmark it to follow, and all you do is log in and give updates now and again or even edit the original post once offers/products change.

Hope this helps you along the way, good luck!


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Thank you for the advice Mtrader~! Lovely suggestions. Makes me wish I had chosen weight loss , but I know that's a highly competitive. Alas the niche, if I can call it that doesn't give you physical results, money, or relationships, meaning its something not many people pursue. lol. I picked it mainly because I have a love for it.


Good luck Kiyarameru I look forward to reading your journal.

Just remember one thing, to make $89 a day you need to start with $1 a week, then build from there. My limited experience, be patient.


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Update :

I have found several forums based on my niche but most of them (pretty much all of them) are not utilized often. I still plan on marketing with forum but I am tweaking my plans a little bit. My niche often uses blogs,twitter, pinterest and facebook to promote so I want to create a twitter based around my niche, obtain followers by going to forums and etc and use said twitter to post clickbank links indirectly.

So right now I am already signed up to twitter and have my account but I wonder how many followers I need in order to make a profit. So my next goal is to look into how to buy TARGETED followers.

Will update again soon.



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Oh yeah. You should do Twitter,Facebook,Youtube and Google + accounts and promote your site there too.Social traffic is good and who know it might pop off and go viral.

Also check this : The largest Message Boards and Forums on the web! and Forum Directory - The Forum Finder to find forums in your niche.

Try out the google alerts with your favorite keywords and choose discusions. Google will deliver new forum posts with your key to your mailbox almost everyday and so you find the niche forums easily, better they find you!


Awesome Thread you have going on! Hope that you will keep us posted! Forum's are great ways to get free traffic to your site.

Bizoyce, made a great point on posting quality post and not make it seem like ur a ****mer!

Tip: download the app for your smartphone called "TapTalk" most forums have this and is a great way to keep posting while on the go and not by a computer! Also, makes it easy to search for other related Forums in the palm of your hand.

So right now I am already signed up to twitter and have my account but I wonder how many followers I need in order to make a profit. So my next goal is to look into how to buy TARGETED followers.
You need a crap load of followers to start seeing some income from twitter. Also, buying followers can be sketchy as most are fake. Just be careful.


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Thank you Krazie and twentytwo! I appreciate all of the tips you are providing as I go through this forum / social marketing journey. :) I will be sure to continue updating.


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Im actually a 22 year old woman and college student, cm00xx if you cant tell by my profile picture. lol. But if you feel that there is some vital information that isnt being stated here, I would gladly listen to any advice you can provide. :)


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Who knew food forums were so tough?? Thanks to Bizzoyce and some searching of my own. I found some forums that have a lot of traffic. Unfortunately they are a bit choosy about who they let into their forums and what you can and cannot post. Forums now are prohibiting "internet slang", displaying links that aren't strictly from your blog and blogs that advertise commercial products of ANY kind. I know they don't want ****mers but COME ON. I picked food in opposition to diet stuff because I have never dieted or tried to watch what I eat in my entire life so Id have no idea how to talk about it and become a part of that community. I picked food, or one specific part of it I wanted to work with, because I have a passion for it.

I'm not giving up though; not in the least. I am still very optimistic about this journey and still have plenty of ideas of how to go about this.

I will let you guys know how I overcome this hurdle soon~! Thanks for all the support everyone, it has really helped me stay positive and excited about this.

Until next time.


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Good luck! I would reccommend you check fiverr for video testimonials, and link to that once you have them made for each niche, can build big like that.
Create a facebook page, buy lots of fake likes for 5$(you must know were..) to make people believe you are a growing community, and start liking, commenting, following other pages from your niche.
Share their posts, write a few of your own, and try to refer to other groups from the same niche , #garden, #homeclean etc..
and good luck