Hey, I want to know which banks or credit unions offer a 7 plus years truck loan and how comfortable are they to come by. I don't mind putting down $5K - 7K on a truck, but I want to keep my installments as low as possible. I'd like to purchase for a 3500, 4x4, mega cab, dually, Aisin.
I've found a truck financing agency with good track records in London, any suggestions about them?
Thanks for reading and possibly respond!
Once you get that loan, don’t forget to have your truck insured. In my case the bank did not require a mandatory insurance as I was paying with my credit card. So I thought that was it and I could save the money. The car I was planning to use for commercial purposes of course. And in one of my first rides a huge branch fell on the windshield and broke the glass, the bonnet and the left light. So instead of earning money I got to have wasted it. Just go on this site. Too much of hesitation on my site cost me my dream.
Yeah, I understand that you need quite a big sum of money but loans won't resolve all your problems, they will only add some new ones. Do you need it? I don't think so. or some other online casino sites can help you to earn money without losing anything at all. Good luck.