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Jay Wessman

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Traffic is on the rise...

So far my traffic has increased each and every month that the site has been up:

Rankings are on the rise...

The site is now ranking well for nearly all of the keywords that I've targetted.

At the time of writing this the site is currently sitting on page #1 for the keyword 'Wine Aerators':

And is sitting nicely on page #2 for the keyword 'Wine Aerator':

It's also taken the number 2 spot for the keyword 'Best Wine Aerator':

Case Study Is Continued Below
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Jay Wessman

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And is sitting on the first page of Google for many of the product keywords:

Sales are on the rise...

The sales from Amazon have also been steadily increasing each and every month so far:

So what the hell now?

This case study has been lots of fun but unfortunately I have a million projects going on right now and just don't have enough time to continue this case study further into the future.

But my loss is your gain... because I intend to give this site away for free to one lucky person.

No strings, no catch, nothing.

I'd love to make someone's day and help them to kick start their affiliate marketing career so I intend to give full ownership of this site and it's earnings over to someone who really needs it!

UPDATE: Check Out This Thread to Enter to Win this Site! (Entering is quick and dead easy.)

Finally I just want to say thanks for all of the thanks yous and PMs that I've gotten from people who have benefited from this thread.

I'm stoked to think that this has genuinely helped others and I sincerely hope it inspires you to get out there and build your own profitable website!

Thanks for reading and stay awesome :)
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OMG I thought you were going to say the next person to post will get the site!

It's my first post on this forum after spending most of my past few nights just taking information in, I haven't earned a penny yet online, I would love to have this site!

By the way what an amazing step by step guide, all the way through reading this I just kept saying to my self you must be making loads of cash in order to share something like this with everyone, I hope are you.

This has got to be the greatest guides out there to start making money online for a newbie!

Now can I have the site:p

You definitely are an inspiration!
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I must Admit This Is a Good Look My Man J-wessity:cool:
Really Nice Thread..The Construction and Presentation
Is Nearly Impeccable,Yet Very Simple to Follow Along..
Even For a Space-Head Like Me...
Good Job My Friend Have to Start Paying A bit More Attention To Your Emails
To my Inbox...LOL
Hey man, I am disappointed I didn't win this site, but it has been great following your progress from 0 to cash money! Hopefully myself and others can learn some valuable tips from your progress.

I hope one day to have as much profitability and success as you!

- Swagic