(Free!) 10 tools that can help your business owner’s site rank above their competition


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If you are in the business of marketing online services to offline small
businesses, here are a few of the major components to get a website
to rank well:

Keyword optimization – Websites that do the research and optimize
their web-pages to rank high for precise terms or phrases, will most
likely improve their rankings for these terms or phrases.

Content – Consistent content creation also promotes Search Engine
Optimization. Content can be in the form of a Blog, Video or articles, etc.

Authority – Mostly creating authority can be defined for ranking purposes
as the quality and quantity of links that point to your website.

By using the tools below, you’ll begin to get how your websites rank for
the components above:

  1. How other websites rank above yours
  2. How they compete against you
  3. How you can fix whatever issues you are competing with
  4. How to optimize every webpage
  5. How to choose better keywords or key phrases
  6. And how to target the right type of back-links
I should tell you that each of the below listed tools do have upgrade
options that will cost money, but I have found the free tools are enough
to get the information you need to get ahead in the local search game
for your client.

None of the links I have provided are affiliate links.

1. S.E.O. Book ([FONT=&quot]tools.seobook.com/#freeff[/FONT])

S.E.O. Book compiles a collection of Search Engine Optimization tools
(free & paid) arranged by classifications: Firefox Extensions, Premium
Firefox Extensions, Web-based Search Engine Optimization Tools, and
listings of other added S.E.O. tools by category. The RankChecker
extension is an excellent tool for evaluating how well your website
ranks for your keywords/key phrases in the top search engines
versus your competition’s.

2. Compete (compete.com/)

This tool makes you a better online marketer by monitoring the competition.
It provides you with excellent search and referral analytics, as well as ranked
lists. Compete’s Blog focuses on interesting websites that can be found on
the Internet. Use it to get a fast snapshot of traffic as the numbers are
considered to be the most accurate.

3. Spyfu ([FONT=&quot]www.spyfu.com/[/FONT])

What if your competition knows something you don't? SpyFu Kombat
reveals the keywords your challengers have in common, making
"missing out" a thing of the past for you. For example, if your client
owns a bicycle shop and you want to compare how their keyword
overlaps to their direct competition, SpyFu provides the tools to do it.
But if you are not interested in battling, there is an option to simply
search a domain and find information: best paid keywords, daily
Adwords budget, organic keywords, top Ad competitors and more.

4. Seomoz ([FONT=&quot]www.seomoz.org/seo-toolbar[/FONT])

I think I’ve brought this to your attention before, but it’s worth repeating
here. Seomoz gives you a toolbar that lets you see the webpage metrics
instantly when you open a Webpage. In Firefox version of mozBar, you
can find the link and get domain metrics for every webpage visited,
webpage status codes and redirect paths, and page load times. This
toolbar provides you with access to valuable and potent tools while
surfing the Internet.

5. Open Site Explorer ([FONT=&quot]www.opensiteexplorer.org/[/FONT])

This is a linking tool from SEOmoz (above) and provides you with your
webpage’s authority, domain authority, root domains with links to your
URL, and the total links. You can find detailed info of every website that
links back to yours. You’re able to get up to 1,000 links and unlimited
use for free.

6. Xinu Returns ([FONT=&quot]xinureturns.com/[/FONT])

This tool focuses on Page rank, Backlinks, S.E.O. rank and Rank checker.
Entering the URL of the website of interest and Xinu Returns will provide
a simple to understand chart of the information you are looking for. A
major benefit for this S.E.O. tool is the ease of finding ranks, bookmarks,
backlinks, etc. in an effective manner.

7. KeywordSpy ([FONT=&quot]www.keywordspypro.com/[/FONT])

Lets you spy on the competition and use the information to stay ahead.
This is one of the tools I use most for Google Places accounts where I
charge a minimum of $300/mo for ongoing Keyword Optimization.
Some of the benefits of using the tool: discovering your competitor’s
keywords, receiving daily database updates, see the website’s spending
for Adwords, find profitable keyword + ad copy combination, and access
to over 127 million keywords.

8. Website Grader (websitegrader.com/)

Website Grader lets you enter your own website along with competing
websites and get a grade on how well (or not well) your website is doing.
The report includes: traffic amount, any S.E.O. problems, and how popular
it is in social media. I must warn you that this report has flaws, but I really
like how it presents the your website from a marketing point of view
rather than an S.E.O. one.

9. Alexa (Alexa the Web Information Company)

If you’ve been online for a while, you already know what Alexa does.
But for those of you who don’t - -Alexa is useful to see how popular
a website is, find new websites, learn who owns a website, etc. The
info provided: traffic stats, search analytics, audience, contact info,
reviews, related links and clickstream. There’s a number for Alexa
traffic rank, traffic in US and sites linking in. I found that the metrics
are frequently inaccurate, but paired with other data you can get
using the other tools here; this can help easily put some missing
pieces together.

10. Wordtracker ([FONT=&quot]freekeywords.wordtracker.com/[/FONT])

The free version has a keywords tool to help you discover what
customers are searching for and what the competition aren’t targeting.
There’s a tool that helps you obtain inbound quality links to your website.
There is also a new tool that finds your website’s best keywords and
shows you how to use them to your benefit for whatever you’re trying
to accomplish.

Hope that gives you some help and makes your life easier as you build
your offline business.


Make Money Online
I'll add one thing - Activity

If you've got activity like page views, time on page/site, comments, searches for your topic/KW's that get clickthru's, then the rest of the organic SEO and ranking and SERP becomes soooooo much easier.

So, you should do the research ahead of time, then apply it and tweak it, then get/create the activity to make the follow thru SEO much easier and long lasting.

Build daily to build effectively.

It's a big 'duh!'

I've just completed 2 websites and had no idea where to start and how to optimize and rank them. Nice to have found this list without having to get confused. Thanks
Great idea! I think the President himself would also appreciate this idea of the Food Bank App. By the way, you may then proceed and put forward your idea and suggestions to some good developers. And also please post updates about developments so that we may know and also contribute in any way possible. Thanks.