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Jan 15, 2019
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This is how I made $6K+ in bitcoins under 1 month:

I found a website that specialise in selling Monero and Ethereum mining rigs. Like any other e-commerce platform this website also had an affiliate programme that gives flat 30% commission per sale. But their affiliate program was full of loophole which I exploited the hell out of it to make around $6K+ in just 1 month.

The Loophole:

The loophole was that the affiliate commissions can be withdrawn instantly as soon as a sale is made. It pays in Bitcoins, Litecoins and BCH. And they also have 14 days No-questions asked return policy.

So basically what I did was, ordered items worth around $3K-5K using my own affiliate links and would withdraw the commissions instantly. All payments arrives in 5 minutes. And once,the Mining Rigs arrive at my door I either refuse the delivery or return the item after 3-7 days citing technical problems and each time I get full refund under 3 working days. Heck,sometimes I even put delivery address that doesn't exist and eventually delivery fails and I get back all my money again. I repeated this few times until I was caught by my Employer. I was definitely fired out of my job.

But never had a single clue about the bugs on their website and it does exists even today. Sometimes now and then I do this because I am unemployed.

Loot it while can before they fix this issue.
Website link:
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