From zero to £10K ($15K) / Month in 13.5 months

OK, I've been faffing about for far far too long, sort-of taking action but not really taking the bull by the horns.

Starting journal is part of doing that.


- 13 month overall target;
- A word on my strategy;
- Short term targets;
- Anyone in central Scotland interested in collaborating a bit?
- Opening stats - basically zero sales, zero list size.

13 month target

My target is to be earning £10K ($15K) / Month by the end of September 2014 - 13.5 months from now.


I have the outline of a strategy, but I've spent so long drafting this post that I need to actually post the thing now and get on with working on turning words into reality, and leave that for another post, or to come out in the flow.

All I'll say about it for the moment is that fundamental to the strategy is building and utilising a list so that as time progresses that becomes a significant source of income rather than selling services as I plan to start.

Phase 1

My first milestone is survival - pay my way, eat only what I kill and not starve in the process, so to speak.

My very first target - make some money. It can be any amount (the "first penny") but it must be "on the path" that leads to where I'm going.

I have sold a couple of goMobi mobile websites for peanuts (and in reality lost money with them), but I'm counting that as pre-history. Today is day zero.

I'm going to focus on offline marketing - local small businesses - and mobile. I've several ideas.

Immediate plan

My immediate plan is, very broadly,

  1. Quickly get up to speed with jQuery Mobile - just enough to do simple mobile-oriented sites. (Reasons below.)
  2. Put together several very quick dummy demo sites/web apps for local small businesses on-spec, and market those to those chosen businesses. Only if they place an order will I actually build anything beyond the initial shell. I aim to build a mailing list at the same time.
  3. Go round that loop until I start to make some sales, fulfill them, and get paid.
  4. Start to make that scalable with regard to both volume and breadth of what I offer. (I've a plan for that - obviously I've only so many hours in a day so it involves starting to outsource.)

I also want to see if I can hook up with someone to collaborate with, preferably within reach to meet up in the real world - Central Scotland: Edinburgh - Glasgow - Dundee triangle, basically. (If you're around here and interested, let me know!)

Targets for next few days

  • Be able to do very basic (but eye-candied) jQuery Mobile "site" by middle of Wednesday (14 Aug);
  • First dummy site done and ready to email business as first approach by end of same day. (Maybe do more, but the target is to do the first.)
  • Send email and possibly text to the business Thursday morning. (Haven't decided about the text, and it depends on having a mobile number to text to.)

Whys and Wherefors

I said I'd say more about the jQuery Mobile decision. Here's some of my thinking ...

Why mobile in particular?

I think it's still an open market. There are 101 website designers/developers just a drive away and that's not what I want to be doing. But mobile lends itself to a bit of innovation and distinctiveness in a less crowded market. And my focus for the future is not making websites or apps, but more marketing and marketing services, and ultimately being able to live comfortably on "residual income".

Why not just resell goMobi?

goMobi is fine but I don't see me going very far with it. I had played with embedding CSS and JavaScript into it to be able to do more than most people offer with it, and got that working fine. But they seem now to be filtering the HTML and it no longer works. It hit me that it's a dead-end path for me and too much can happen that'd be totally outside of my control but which could really screw things up.

Why jQuery Mobile?

In the end the deciding factor was very simple, and it wasn't to do with technicalities, performance, or how nice and satisfying it might be to use. I looked on oDesk and did a search for people claiming jQuery Mobile skills compared with other things like AngularJS, etc. Scaling up a business with jQuery Mobile will be much easier simply because there are so many people with the skills to outsource work to.

And why not native apps?

I know nothing about them, and can think of better sales/marketing approaches for web apps than native ones anyway.

Hurdles to overcome

Plenty I know about. Probably many more to discover. I'll log them as I go.

Initial Stats

List size: 0;
Sales: 0.
Thanks for the encouragement, Riverside and arnoldhard.

arnoldhard, any particular reason you want my email address?

The day is over (after midnight) and I haven't achieved my first target. What more can I say?

It's the old story - a combination of thinking I can achieve more than I can in the time, not anticipating difficulties, and not being disciplined enough to leave something as "good enough" and move forward.

I'm going to sleep on it and re-group in the morning.

I've made progress though - need to be more realistic about timescales.
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Thanks but no thanks. Don't have time to download and read stuff like that. Don't really have time to respond to posts like that.


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Sounds like you have really thought this through and are ready to take action.
Gotta say you have the mindset of someone who wants to win...and Win BIG!
I will keep my I on this Journal and you keep yours on the Proverbial ball!
Good luck my Friend the path the you are to forge awaits you.:ridinghorse:
SWIFFJUSTUS, Keeping eye on the ball - yeah, I really need to do that.

ImNewHere, My intention is to do updates say at the end of each week whether I'm doing well or poorly. If I'm doing well it should be easy to do the updates. If not - not. Need to be disciplined and as SWIFFJUSTUS said, keep my eye on the ball and stay in the game.

It's good to get the encouragement from you guys!