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Hi guys ... I just found this plugin and I think its pretty cool :cool:... mainly because its free :D :D

Easy WordPress Content Locker

Plugins that integrates seamlessly code from various Content Locker provider

Easy WordPress Content Locker allows easy implemention of content lock gateway widget code to monetize your content. It works with code from *******, Leadbolt, BlamAds, Adscendmedia, Adgatemedia, MGCash, Dollarade and many other CPA Networks.

You have various settings to match your needs and a user friendly interface.

Show in specific page: category, tag, archive, author, single post, pages and more.
Also You can select multiple options at the same time.
You can lock content for specific posts/pages, just enter the IDs of the posts/pages you want to lock into the according fields



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I try that on my password and image site both are same problem, locking after see the password and image. So thats not working perfectly, if anyone know loading 1st content lock than image or pass... Thanks

i am very new to IM would u please help to work on word press,CPALead, Leadbolt, BlamAds, Adscendmedia.

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