Getting Secrets of a $3,000/Day Offline Consultant!!


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Dec 25, 2011
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What Do Billion Dollar Companies
Have To Do With You?


shows you how to close huge “I’ve seen everything under the sun†mega conglomerates - you’ll be opening soup cans with the Jaws of Life when dealing with local businesses.

To say you’ll have an advantage over other sales people is an understatement... You’ll be bringing a howitzer to a knife fight.

WARNING: I want to stress - if you’re an Old School “Pitch, pitch, pitch†person this isn’t for you!

Video 1 – Modern Selling Secrets
  • The new channel of communication all businesses need to be in
  • What modern selling is and is not
  • Modern selling skills you already have
  • The 10 characteristics of modern markets
  • The essential formula all sales people must understand

Video 2 – The Secrets of the Great Salespeople
  • The importance of thinking about Clients, not Customers
  • How apathy kills sales, and businesses
  • The three cornerstones of effective selling
  • Why the client is in control, not the salesperson.
  • It’s not about the your product or service

Video 3 – The 7 Step Sales Process

How does a $3,000/ Day consultant land clients? Nic will show you how he does:
  • Prospecting
  • The initial call
  • The Proposal
  • Getting Agreements
  • Follow-up
  • And much more...

Video 4 – Customer Service Excellence
  • The need to make the customer feel important
  • The organisational aspects of customer service
  • Risk mitigation and risk reversal
  • Needs, advantages and benefits

Video 5 – Sales Metrics
  • Client Life time Value
  • The only 3 ways to increase turnover
  • The 4 figures every salesperson has to know
  • Why chasing after new clients is often a mistake

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