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May 23, 2013
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GoOffers has some of the best converting affiliate offers. They achieve
this by going direct with most of their advertisers. This means the highest
payouts and best conversion rates for their affiliates.

They have offers in all kinds of verticals including including mobile,
finance, health, free trials, email submits, and more. With all these offers
they are guaranteed to have an offer that is perfect for your business needs.

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Payout Frequency:

Net-30 / Weekly

Payment Method:


Referral Commission:

yes = 10%

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Question: What are you looking for in affiliates? Who is your ideal publisher?

Answer: A publisher that can drive good quality traffic.

Question: Tell us a bit more about yourself...

Answer: GoOffers was started in 2008 by industry veterans. We cater to both Publishers and Advertisers who are looking to take their offers/traffic to the next level.

Question: What is the first commission you ever earned?


Question: If you had to pick...who would you say was your mentor -or- where did you learn the ropes of CPA Marketing?

Answer: Our founders have been in the industry since 2003

Question: What are some of the best ways to test offers before diving in with both feet

Answer: Start with a small cap, optimize, increase your cap, optimize and then go for the kill.

Question: How did you first get started?

Answer: Started in CPM Advertising/AdNetworks and expanded to CPA

Question: Do you have any international offers?

Answer: Tons

Question: What are the main verticals your offers are tailored to?

Answer: EDU, Insurance, Lead Gen, Debt, Home Improvements, Biz Ops, email submits, Dating, etc...

Question: What are some of the most popular traffic sources for your offers?

Answer: email/display

Question: What is the one thing you do better than anyone else?

Answer: Making more money for all of our loyal partners

Question: Are you running any special promotions at the moment?

Answer: None

Question: What are some of your highest payouts?

Answer: upwards of $300

Question: What types of tools and guidance do you offer your affiliates?

Answer: Cutting Edge tracking platform and 1 on 1 customer service

Question: What is the most you've seen a affiliate make in one day?

Answer: 5 figures

Question: Where do you see the industry headed over the next 5 years?

Answer: Mobile appears to be the next big thing. However, traditional CPA will live on and will only get stronger as the industry continues to consolidate.