GPX5000 Device


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Mar 29, 2019
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GPX5000 More features and functions make it GPX5000 best device for the detection of gold in the world!

in our new standard in the field of detection technology for gold. With an amazing array of features and functionality superior to its predecessor, in the category of technology for the company , the multi-polar sensing technology available within the device allows the disclosure of gold in various sizes from very small pieces and even large volumes of gold and high accuracy.
Been developed and modified this version and provide it with more features so that up to greater depths during the search process.
This device has the features and functions unique winning an international patent, in addition to the control panel of the device features flexible and practical in use, the device also features the possibility to use on all types of terrain.
The device includes eight different modes of research in addition to the five conditions that are available in the previous device GPX4500 contains the new device on the situation revealed the following effects, detection and detection of pure gold alloys, gold alloys.
Device is also equipped with more sophisticated features to look for jewelry and deeper.
Easy to use for beginners and advanced in the field of metal detectors and gold.
This device is the appropriate choice if you are looking for multi-functional device to detect.